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Facebook - Check it out!!
  Posted on 02/18/2011 06:34 AM
Northeastern Poultry Congress Show 2011
  Posted on 01/17/2011 10:06 AM
Marking Hatchlings
  Posted on 05/03/2010 11:03 AM
Silkies hatching
  Posted on 05/03/2010 11:02 AM
Happy Spring!
  Posted on 04/08/2010 07:09 AM
Spring is around the corner
  Posted on 01/18/2010 04:30 PM
Shut down the incubators
  Posted on 10/22/2009 12:54 PM
Happy Spring!
Spring is here and the incubators are full. I have some silkies hatching out right now. With several more on the way. The birds I hatched out last summer and fall are turning out to be great. They new pullets should start laying within the next month or so.

  Posted on 04/08/2010 07:09 AM