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  Posted on 04/17/2010 07:22 PM
Sales Policy
  Posted on 10/25/2008 08:06 PM
Feeding the chickens
  Posted on 10/17/2008 02:07 PM
Our start
  Posted on 10/12/2008 12:51 PM
Previous Shows
Sedelia Mo. 4/18/09

Silkies: 1, RV with a Black Pullet

Barred Rock: (Bantam) 1, BV with a cockerel,
1, RV with a pullet
also took 2nd, 3rd, 4th out of 8 with barred rocks
(Large Fowl) 1, RV with a cockerel

Polish: (Large Fowl)- 1, BV, BB, Champion Continental with a white bearded cockerel
1, BV, RB, Reserve Champion Continental and Champion Standard Frizzle, with a white bearded frizzle pullet
1, RV, with a white bearded pullet
1, BV with a Silverlaced cockerel reserve Champion Frizzle
1, BV with a Goldenlaced cockerel

  Posted on 04/17/2010 07:22 PM