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Sales Policy
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Sales Policy
Shipped eggs:
There are times I sell and ship eggs. We always make sure our eggs are packaged well. We have excellent hatch rates here at home. There are several things that can happen to eggs once they leave my farm. Mishandling from the PO, your incubation method, temperatures, etc. I don't guarantee or replace shipped eggs for any reason. They are a chance you take. I do add extras when available.

I have defined my birds as following:

PET QUALITY (PQ): A bird that has a disqualification(DQ) for show or a bird that has no DQ but I feel would not be of a benefit to a breeding program for the purpose of breeding show potential birds.

BREEDER QUALITY (BQ): A bird with a lot of good characteristics; however, not strong enough to compete against adequate competition. A good breeder bird is worth its weight in gold. With the correct pairing they can produce show potential birds.

SHOW QUALITY(SQ): A bird with no DQs that is able to compete with the possibility to do well in a good sized sanctioned show against 'adequate' competition. Please note that any bird can be shown as long as it has no DQs, however, it does not necessarily mean that it is a "SQ" bird. Champion Show birds can produce champion birds, but can also produce poor birds as well as birds with DQs. Silkies cannot be evaluated for SQ until they are at least near maturity, and sometimes, even older. It takes a lot of work, time, and dedication to create a champion bird.

**Shipping Birds**

I do not provide shipping to orders less than $50 (in addition to the cost of shipping). Shipping is available, weather permitting. I only ship when the temps are between 45-80 degrees on both locations. Pick-ups are welcomed and prefered. I will also deliver to shows we attend.

Please understand the many risks of shipping. Shipping is hard and stressful on the birds. I make every effort to ensure that our birds are happy and in excellent health condition. Once birds leave our property I'm not responsible for their well being. I do not replace birds or refund money for birds lost by the post office or due to stress.

The week prior to shipping I will prepare the birds for their trip by providing additional electrolytes in their water. Birds are shipped in approved USPS bio-filtered Horizon boxes and are provided fruits and greens for their trip. They will also be clean, trimmed, and bug free. I will also provide a tracking slip.

I charge a flat shipping fee that is non-negotiable (shipping fee below is for Silkies and Barred Rocks only).

1-2 birds $60 (1 box)
3-4 birds $80( 2 boxes)
5-6 birds $100 (3 boxes)

  Posted on 10/25/2008 08:06 PM