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Letterlady Collage Digital Collage Art Calligraphy Wedding Calligraphy Mixed Media in the Louisville KY area

Jan Hurst Calligraphy & Design........ Click on this Louisville Kentucky area calligrapher and artist's individual albums below to see a variety of photos in different media, including digital collage, paper collage, calligraphy, acrylics, and mixed media art. Louisville wedding calligraphy as well as nationwide can be done in the styles shown in the "Calligraphy" album, as well as the styles in the "Weddings" album.
Weddings, Wedding VenuesJan Hurst Calligraphy & Design, Best Wedding Invitations in Lexington, Louisville - 2013 Bride's Choice Award Winner
Merry Christmas
7 photos - Christmas wishes
Wedding Calligraphy
45 photos - Envelopes, wedding invitation, party lettering
Calligraphy by Jan Hurst
62 photos - I've had instruction from many calligraphy greats; I keep striving!
Envelopes, Invitations, Certificates, & Misc.
29 photos - Miscellaneous calligraphy
Paintings and Mixed Media by Jan Hurst
37 photos - Most of my mixed media pieces begin with acrylics on canvas.
Wall Writing
3 photos - Some samples of calligraphy on walls
Paper Collage by Jan Hurst
17 photos - Collages with paper as main media. Some with fibers, beads, calligraphy, etc.
Digital Collage by Jan Hurst
31 photos - Most of these were done in Photoshop, some with traditional art backgrounds
Digital Collage 2
43 photos - Most recent digital collages
22 photos - What's happening
49 photos - Photos
old days & family ways
27 photos -
Easter 2006 - at Hillcrest Farm
12 photos - Photos of Hillcrest Farm/Easter 2006
4 photos - Links to other calligraphy, collage, & paper arts sites
Photos from France 2011
31 photos - Photos from 3 week trip to the southwest of France
42 photos - Photos from my trip to Ireland
40 photos - Another memory card full of photos found!
42 photos - Pictures from my trip to Costa Blanca, Nov 2004
39 photos - More photos from November 2004
22 photos - "Lost" photos from an uncooperative memory card
Denis Brown in South Bend
30 photos - The Denis Brown workshop retreat at Anne and Bill Binder's in South Bend, 9/2005