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Liron Dorfman's Online Photo Albums

Welcome to my photo album, where you can find pictures from different occasions in my life.
Hoping you enjoy everything, please drop a note in my guest book. It will be appreciated.

Liron Dorfman
Kiryat Motzkin, ISRAEL

p.s.- Oh, there's also an album of Picy, my parents' cat... We all love her. I'm sure you will too, so come and see her. Liron
1st Day @ 1st Grade
24 photos - Geffen first day in Kita Alef
Geffen's 3rd Birthday Party
56 photos - Geffen's birthday party with the family - October 22, 2011
Geffen - December 2008
19 photos - Pictures of Geffen and us taken throughout December 2008
Batya's Pregnancy
26 photos - From the ultrasound scan on week 16, to the expected date
Our Wedding
143 photos - Pictures from our wedding day, before and during the actual event
Bike Trip - Passover 07 - Moshav Ben-Ami
19 photos - April 5 '07: Batya & Liron Dorfman, Liat & Ohad Feldman in a trip on bikes
Our trip to Istanbul
79 photos - Batya and Liron's trip to Istanbul, Turkey (and to the Eurovision Song Contest)
Pictures from different occasions
10 photos - Other general pictures we've taken in different occasions
Picy the cat
8 photos - An album dedicated to Picy, the beloved cat living in Liron's parents' home
US Trip - N.Y. and California
20 photos - March 1-17 2006 - Batya and Liron's trip to New-York and to the Silicon Vale, CA
Rosh Hashana dinner
15 photos - September 15 '04 - For the new year, Irina and Buma Abramovich arranged a festive dinner
NetVision's Projects Department's Trip
38 photos - July 23 '04 - The trip of the outsourcing projects department of NetVision Ltd.
The 2004 Eurovision Song Contest
18 photos - Our splendid time in the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest - Istanbul, Turkey