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Josephine's Family - Handmade, one-of-a-kind, cloth dolls

More than 20 years ago, I wanted a doll to sit in a child's antique rocking chair in front of the fireplace in my living room. I searched for the "right" doll and couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. My idea was "I can sew. I'll make a doll." I bought a pattern and made myself a "country doll". After adding my own touches to her, she came out very cute. When she was admired by a relative, I gave my first doll to her. After that I made another doll and someone else loved her. So, she too was given away. Soon people started asking me to make dolls for them to give as gifts and I started charging a small amount. Because I knew my dolls were special, starting my own small business became a viable option. I joined a local craft guild after attending their "juried" craft show in my area and was told that all my creations had to be "original". I could not use a commercial pattern. After working feverishly to accomplish this task, I was "juried" into the "Artisans' Circle" craft guild of Northampton County, PA in 1994 and started on the road to becoming a master in my field. In 1998 I was "juried" into the prestigious "Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen". This is an honors award given for excellence in craftsmanship and design. I am humbled to be a "juried" member of this organization. My designs are always changing in order to perfect my craft. While working towards this goal, I'm having the most fun making my dolls and meeting all the wonderful people who take a member of "Josephine's Family" into their homes. Lucille Gruppo-- "Josephine's Family"-- e-mail: josephinesfamily@aol.com  
2015 Show Calendar
13 photos - Josephine's Family participation in PA Guild and other Fine Juried Craft Shows
Baby Bunting Dolls
56 photos - Collectable Cloth Teaching Doll
Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls
22 photos - Traditional Raggedy Ann and Andy
Orphan Train Riders Dolls
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Character Dolls
11 photos - Inspired by everyday Heroes
Native American Dolls
15 photos - American Indian Dolls
20 photos - The Good Witches
Christmas Ornaments
75 photos - Angels, Raggedy Ann & Andy, Monks, Hex Signs, & more
Soft Animals
24 photos - Funny Bunnies, Dogs
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38 photos - Christmas City, Bethlehem, PA
13 photos - Soft Dolls and Animals Signature Doll--Original Design by Lucille Gruppo
15 photos - Antique Doll with new clothes