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Cool Slideshows
Cool Slideshows

Music Video Codes
My Album
10 photos - Reinventions!
My Stolen Shots
17 photos - Up close and personal
A city called Tripoli
17 photos - My last few days in Libya
12 photos - My various escapades
My solo pics in Sultan Humanitarian City
6 photos - I miss those days!
PT internship
30 photos - My co-interns
11 photos - My fun days in SPC
SPC days
35 photos - Those were the good old days!
SPC batchmates
21 photos - Souvenir pics from college pals...
UIC days
6 photos - BS in Medical Technology
My favorites
89 photos - A collection of finest choices!
My Multiply 5
16 photos - My Favorite Video Music Artists of the 2000s