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"Sundown Waterfowl & Poultry

Location: Beautiful Hudson Valley NY

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Last Login: 4/20/2011

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  About Me
My name is Chelsea. I am located in Beautiful Hudson Valley NY. I am a hobby breeder of quality bearded silkies.
NPIP Certified


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  For Sale
Check my website http://www.sundownsilkies.com/forsale.htm

  Sales Policy - Must Read
Please read before purchasing!!

I NEVER ship out eggs/birds before I recieve payment. There are no exceptions to this!

Please email before ordering to check the availibility of the eggs.

There are absolutley no refunds. The only time I will refund is if I can not ship out within 30 days, or fill the order within 30 days. I will not sell to anybody under the age of 18. Payment is by paypal only. If you pay by paypal e-check, I will not start collecting, or ship the eggs until the check has cleared. I will not start collecting the eggs until I receive your payment. I will NOT be held responsible for a poor hatch, or no hatch at all. Hatching egg prices are firm.

Once the eggs leave my hands and enter the postal system I am not responsible for them any longer. I can not guarantee hatchability due to many circumstances beyond my control. Before purchasing shipped eggs for incubation you need to understand that hatching shipped eggs is a gamble. You may get a great hatch, or have none hatch at all. If this is your first time hatching eggs, I would try to find a local source, instead of purchasing shipped eggs. A good thing to remember when purchasing eggs for incubation is, "Don't spend more than your willing to lose". That being said, I take great care when packing the eggs. I will bubblewrap each individual egg. The eggs will be cushioned with lots of shredded/crumpled paper. I found that this is the best method to ship eggs. The box is labeled "FRAGILE" and "HANDLE WITH CARE". If you dont want the box marked let me know. I will not mark the box "Hatching Eggs" as that seems to be an invite for the PO to kick the boxes around. They will be shipped via priority mail, 2-3 day shipping time. The eggs will not be more than 2-3 days old when shipped.

I ship orders out monday through friday. If you do not want your order shipped out on a friday, please email right after you order.

If you do not agree with my sales policy, then do not order.

I do NOT wash the eggs before they are shipped. That takes the protective coating off of the egg, making it more susceptible to bacteria, etc. It is up to you if you want to wash the eggs or not when you receive them.

Absolutely no pick ups for hatching eggs right now, only live birds.

I only ship to the lower 48 states. I do not ship to Alaska, or Hawaii.

The only way to know you are purchasing "Sundown Silkies" is to purchase directly from me. I am not responsible for anybody selling birds/eggs using my name.

Bird Sales

Payment is required in FULL. Payments for birds are NON-REFUNDABLE! The only way I will refund is if I can not fufill the sale. That is the only time I will refund. Bird prices are firm. Once a bird leaves my property, I will not take the bird back, for biosecurity reasons. Also, NO postal refunds for late deliveries.

Birds will be shipped when safe for the birds, over 10 or below 85.

This is my sales policy and may NOT be copied by anybody. Make up your own.

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Did you get your buff silkie eggs yet for 09?????
Posted by: crazysilkies 2009-02-26
I love your white call ducks, are they bantams?
Posted by: crazysilkies 2009-02-22
What cute buffs you have.
Posted by: crestedhorizon 2009-02-11
You have some very pretty buffs.
Posted by: webbacres 2009-02-08
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