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Location: Snohomish

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Last Login: 8/8/2009

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RoseMarie belongs to 4 Clubs:
Dollhouse Miniatures, CraftersGalore, Trash to treasure miniatures, Miniature Madness


  About Me
I'm a Grandmother with 6 grandchildren, 3 girls and 3 boys. I have been married now 42 yrs. We have 2 daughters. We hope to retire in about 3 more years.

I have done about all crafts there is to do. I love to sew, and work with wood. Several years ago I attempted to do a dollhouse but never got it done. I am now back into it. I have finished one and now working on a Garfield house. I am doing a lot of custom work on it.If you have ever worked on a Greenleaf house you know, they are nice designs but wood is not so good. This is a huge house it is taking up my dinning room. Oh well I am having a blast with it.

I have posted pictures of my first house. hope you enjoy looking at them. I did a lot of customise work on this one as well. All the drapes in this one I designed and made myself.

I am now building my own furniture for the Garfield house as well, and all the drapesfor it.

I have a kit for a greenleaf fairfield house 1/2 scale to do when done with this one. I am planning on maybe doing some room boxes as well.

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RoseMarie's Interests
Made with Love!:
I have been making and selling curtains for doll houses on E-bay. You can check them out under the user name purdy01.
Rules I live by:
Do onto others as you would want done onto you.
Interests & Hobbies:
Crafts, woodworking, sewing, Dollhouse making, online and offline games.
TV Shows:
Soaps, ER, Grays ananmy, Nanny, Wifeswap, Deal or no deal, and Wheel of furtone.
Favorite Music & Bands:
Mostly Contry

Would love to have friends with interrest in mini dollhouses. Please let me know if you are one who injoys this fun craft like me.

Well here I go again do check out my new album the art studio. I am really having fun with this one. Started out with a Greenleaf Primerose kit. Wow never would of thought it could be done so cute. I am attempting to build and make all the items in this one. So far so good. Do check back often to see what else I come up with to add to it.

Thanks for looking my mini friends.

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  Posted on 07/14/2008 02:52 PM

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  My Projects
Well a hobby that I thought would end with first house built. Be careful this is very addictive. I love doing it so much I am finding myself up late at night burning the midnight candles. I am having so much fun. I am just got so many ideas in my head now that will probly be at all this for a long time. Please if you like what you see let me know. If you have any suggestions on additions or better ways to do all this let me know.

Thank you for looking.

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Have a wonderful day.
It's really windy here, but sunny and warm.

Posted by: texas-country 2009-04-02

Posted by: texas-country 2009-03-29
Have A Great Weekend!
Build your own Blingee

Thanks for being my friend.
Have a Great Weekend!
Posted by: suezee2 2008-08-10
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Posted by: <No longer exists> 2008-08-08

Posted by: murphylinda5 2008-08-05
no thank you

Posted by: murphylinda5 2008-08-04
Hi Rose Marie, I'd be honoured to be your friend, what a thrill! I love your houses, very nice! Your home page is wonderful and I love your music selections too, thanks again for the friend request.
Posted by: jennywrenminiatures 2008-07-28
Hi, Rose Marie - Thanks for the invite! I have been in Mass. at my son's baseball tournament so sorry I haven't replied. I love your "homes"! I can see you put much love and care into putting it all together. I look forward to checking your site out when I get the time. susanklein
Posted by: susanklein 2008-07-28
Thanks for the information.
Posted by: tanyamc123 2008-07-18
Hi Rose Marie, As far as I know the only way you can add music to your homepage is if you set one of those slide shows up on the homepage. Music can be added to those but not the homepage itself within Picturetrail. If you want to set up one of those slide shows you can do so by clicking on the bottom of mine. Let me know if I can help.
Posted by: tanyamc123 2008-07-11
Hi Rosemarie - glad to be your friend. Your house looks beautiful. I am fairly new to miniatures and I just love my dollhouse as it gives me many hours of pleasure.
Posted by: dorriesky 2008-06-30
Hi, I'm Michael from PT member support. We hope you take the time to customize your personal homepage on PictureTrail and have fun with it! We offer many customization and messaging options in the members area. Want to turn off this homepage option? Click Here.
Posted by: michael 2008-06-22
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