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Location: Baton Rouge

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  About Me
Retired Lieutenant from the Baton Rouge Police Department.

I began my career as a Cadet working dog shift in Criminal Records Division and after twenty-five years, a few bruises and a broken bone or two, I ended my Career as Commander of the Operational Services Section, which at the time, happened to include Criminal Records. So I guess you could say I went full circle. I was a member of numerous task forces such as the DWI Road Block, Armed Robbery and Abortion Task Forces. Other assignments included Inventory Control, Uniform Patrol, Traffic Division (foot patrol Bon Marche and Cortana Malls and Radar where I was a certified instructor), Warrant Division and Licensing Division (included 19 different licenses including the most important-Alarm Enforcement). At the time and probably still the case today, false alarms were responded to more than any other type of call. This takes a tremendous toll on police resources. Response times suffer, waste of time and fuel, wear and tear of vehicles and so on!

When I took command of Licensing, the division had the responsibility of enforcing 19 specific areas. I was the only officer and had one civilian assistant. It generated approx. 60 thousand dollars per year in fines and fees. When I left, there were several civilian employees, reserve officer assistance, and me. The office generated over 250,000 dollars each year and had received national recognition in trade magazines, etc. It became a model for agencies across the country. When I took over, 98% of all alarm calls were false. By the time I moved on, 67 % of alarm calls were false.

During my career I received various recognition and competition awards as most officers do. Three of the most notable were National Police Official of the Year in 1997 (presented by the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Assoc.in Atlanta, GA.), PMA Nationals Four-Man Pistol Team Champion and a Life Saving Medal.

Currently I perform most types of maintenance on rental property. I had been working on a regular basis with the Around Town TV Show (Cox 4 on Sat. and Sun.) until 11/15/06. My official title was Guest Coordinator. I contributed to the show by being responsible for the content and guest of the "Crime Watch" Segment. Among other things, I performed photographic duties, helped find guest for the show and created the idea for the segment known as "Student Spotlight". Due to the demands of my full time job, I had to stop attending the show tapings but still regularly contribute photographs for use on their web site (aroundtownshow.com).

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Thanks for visiting my galleries. I shoot with a Canon 5D and 20D camera.
Posted by: bircher 2007-11-12
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BE SAFE!! God bless, *EYE*
Posted by: eyelen 2007-10-29
No problem Dear Friend....I know how remodeling can be!!! We've been doing it for the past 2 summers!! You've been taking before, during and when it's done...after pics right? God bless, *EYE*
Posted by: eyelen 2007-09-07
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God bless, *EYE*
Posted by: eyelen 2007-08-31
Waking up in the hospital bed. Scared cause I cant move. I asked the doctor whats going on. He said it happened all at school. He told me......"Your friend had a problem with some people and almost got himself shot. But a good friend like you was there to jump in front. Luckily you didnt die. Your going to be ok".............Now I think to myself Im happy I took That bullet for you. Because it would've hurt even more to see you lying in this hospital bed. Send this to 6 girls and 6 boys you know for sure you'll ride or die for... SEND DIS MESSAGE 2 ALL DA PPLZ DAT U LUVE(INCLUDING ME) !!! !F U GET THIS BACK: 0-2 TIMES NOBODY REALLY LUVS U 3-5 TIMES U GOT SOME FRIENDS 6-9 TIMES U R LUVED 10 AND UP loved to death
God bless, *EYE*

Posted by: eyelen 2007-08-19
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God bless, *EYE*
Posted by: eyelen 2007-07-24
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send this heart to everyone you care about including me, if you care
God bless, *EYE*
Posted by: eyelen 2007-07-18
Eye, From what I've seen you are well passed the basics!
Posted by: picpro 2007-07-05
the lady bug pic i just used the standard lens on the D40,plant setting and then croped the picture...hehehe...i go as basic as i can for now!!
Posted by: eyelen 2007-07-04
I did it on a program that I got called "Face to Body"
Posted by: eyelen 2007-07-04
Enjoy your 4th and be safe!!
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God bless, *EYE*
Posted by: eyelen 2007-07-04
The pic of the bird was just with the lens that comes with the D40 and I had it on maximum zoom.
Posted by: eyelen 2007-06-28
I used the action mode and I waited till it came into my view...LOL. Thank you so much for the comment.
God bless,
Posted by: eyelen 2007-06-28
Hi, To answer some of your questions..I've only had my Nikon for less than a month!! I was looking at the Canon Rebel XTi but then looked at the Nikon online, and it really caught my attention! As you can see, I went with the Nikon D40. Still learning the features but you're right, I don't really have time to figure them all out!! And YES!! I did join your Nikon club, it would be wonderful to have all the Nikon users share their knowledge with us who can't seem to find the time to get intimate with our cameras!! I'm looking foward to chatting with you again. I just returned from a trip to Virginia and took some really great pics. I'll be posting them in the next few days(if time allows!!). Please give me your opinion(positive or negative) because it's the only way I can really improve on my photography. Now look who's rambling on!!!! LOL.
God bless my friend,
Posted by: eyelen 2007-06-27
You have some amazing pictures. I shoot with a Nikon D40, hopefully you can give me some tips!!
Posted by: eyelen 2007-06-26
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