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Karen Carpenter
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" The faster I go the behinder I get"
Location: Burlington,WA

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Last Login: 12/23/2015

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  About Me
Well not sure where to start.... Im really a horse person but always have chickens. Ive had silkies off and on for 28 years. I just in the last few years or so started researching them as a lot of things seem to have changed. They are so beautiful now, twice the fluff!!!! Any way I bid on some eggs from ebay last spring and hatched them in my new Brower incubator (that I love) I even made a cover for it. My first little ones were born June friday 13 2008.Now I have about 30 to keep me busy, and they are all my babies. I also have four miniature horses that I've had for about 10 years or so and three full size horses. One of them just turned 36 years and I also had his mother. Actually I've not been without a horse since I was 8 years old. As you can tell I am an old person---- 59 to be exact. But I refuse to grow up.. I'm the Head custodian for a K-8 elementary school in Burlington Washington (about 60 miles north of Seattle Wa).
I drive a Dodge Ram 2500 bright blue (Electric Blue) Four wheel GAS HOGG, but I still love it. I have 2 sons both here in Burlington who who work for Triple XXX race company .They build and ship sprint car frames and parts all over the US. Kelsey also races at our local skagit speedway 3/4 mile dirt oval track and was 2008 and 2009 sportsman sprinter points champion, He is 31 yrs old. Travis does the same thing at Triple XXX and is building his own car to race at Deming speedway. they race 1200s and 600s at that track.
Travis is 32 years old. I have 3 grand children ALL boys too, Justin 12 years--Darrel 11 years--Kelsey jr 7 years... little Kelsey was born on his cousin Darrels birthday Feb 8th
Any way thats about all of me except I did forgit to say that I love to dance western cupples- dont have much time to lately
BUT Someday watch out.......

Karen Carpenter's Interests
Introduce Yourself:
I am a member of the APA (American Poultry Association) ABA (American Bantam Association) ASBC(American Bantam Silkie Club) ABC (Ameraucana Breeders Club) (Belgian d'Uccle & Booted Bantam Club) AQHA (American Quarter Horse Asso) ABHA (American Buckskin Horse Asso) I also have a NPIP/AI certified flock # 91-149 Washington State. all of my breeders are also from NPIP tested flocks (as eggs) I,m practing biosecerity with all my birds, I have been instructed how to do so through the Washington state Dept. of Agriculture.
Do I sell Eggs or Birds?:
I do occaionally sell silkies locally , I have Blue Black Splash , White, Blue partridge, Buff and Cuckoo . I do not wish to ship as yet. I usually always have silkie cockerals and roosters looking for a new home. I do sell eggs, local pick up only at this time. I can be reached at sillie70@comcast.net for price quotes and availability. I also have Standered size and Bantam Blue,Black Splash Ameraucana eggs for hatching, and Belgum bearded D'Uccle eggs in Millie Flure, Porcelin,Self Blue (lavender) and Mottled Black and Blue. Soon to be added are a small flock of Bantam Salmon, Blue Salmon, Black Blue and Splash Faverolle. I also have self blue Old English Game ,with a newley hatched chocolate cockeral
Rules I live by:
Life.. Family.. and Friends are to be treasured always.
Interests & Hobbies:
I love all animals wish I could have more, But while I'm raising my grand kids it will have to wait . Horses are my passion and the older I get it seems that there is less time to ride the trails like I used to. I do love my miniatures... plus they are easier to take care of (eat less) take up way less room and when they step on you it dosent hurt as much. LOL.
TV Shows:
I like to watch Animal Planet and History Channel.
Favorite Music & Bands:
I truley love country music and cant live without it...
Favorite Movies:
I have a soft spot in my heart for LORD OF THE RINGS. Another favorite movie is LAST OF THE DOG MEN. I love to watch WILD HEARTS CAN'T BE BROKEN and any WILL SMITH movie.
Favorite Quotes:
The faster I go the behinder I get
Favorite Celebrities:
I have to say Orlando Bloom has got to be my favorite celebritiy and I do admire Jenifer Anniston. Will Smith is pretty awesome too.
Favorite Reads:
I like to read J.R.R.Tolkien Books (THE LORD OF THE RINGS) also anything else he wrote.

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How could I say no to a person with Silkies & Horses !!!
Posted by: deal_it_out 2010-05-16
Thank you!
Posted by: loboqh 2010-05-15
very cute silkies.
Posted by: sundownsilkies 2009-02-14
hi! thanks for the friend request. Your baby silkies are lookin' good! :)
Posted by: magicsilkies 2008-08-13
Posted by: peekaboosilkies 2008-08-10
How cute them babys are
Thanks for adding me
Posted by: peekaboosilkies 2008-08-10
Cute Pictures :-)
Great Picturetrail. We love Picturetrail,
I think everyone should make one.
Posted by: flufnstuffs 2008-07-29
Hi, I'm Michael from PT member support. We hope you take the time to customize your personal homepage on PictureTrail and have fun with it! We offer many customization and messaging options in the members area. Want to turn off this homepage option? Click Here.
Posted by: michael 2008-07-22
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