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"A PT sample community page."
Location: San Francisco

Last Login: 10/3/2011

Michael's has 477 votes!


  About Me
I've created this community page on PT to give new users an idea of what the community section of PT is all about. A place for members to tell the world something about themselves and where friends can come check it out and say hello.

Michael's's Interests
Introduce Yourself:
The San Francisco Bay Area. I never get sick of the massive bridges and interesting buildings and cray-ay-azy creative types here.
Favorite Quote:
"Know thyself." - Socrates
Interests & Hobbies:
Social Networking. Widgets. Photographing people.

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Hi it's been a long time that I haven't log in but I see some of my photo bling and other stuff is missing. I forgot the name of site and finally found it.
Posted by: scorpioliz1 2016-06-17
Hi Michael,
Thanks for the tip.
Posted by: joicatmat 2016-04-29
Michael I am trying to find the invoice. Can you please email me one or tell me were to find it?

Thank You
Victor E. Enos
Posted by: brookside1953 2016-02-27
Hi Michael & thank you for being my first friend here :) Not sure how much time I will have to explore Picture Trail but tried it to save some sweet pictured of my new fur baby.I did ok and will get more done as time allows me too. Take care and see you soon .
Posted by: linda_drapeau@hotmail.co 2016-02-06
Hi Michael

It won't let me frame albums or pictures even after
deleting in tools, internet options and I did the
CTRL F5 thing


Posted by: funchat3 2015-11-22
Ksznm szpen a lehetősget, kedves Michael!
Posted by: eszesgerti 2015-09-27
Thank you very much!
Posted by: goldenheartdollcreations 2015-08-24
Cool Slideshows

Posted by: caithojrevpaj88 2015-08-15
Happy 4th of July
Posted by: supernatural-fan 2015-07-03
Thanks for the support

Posted by: portia123 2015-04-11
any chance that by adding this new profile display that it caused the Photo Ficks to not display????

My website has no pictures displaying and it is because PT's Photo Flicks are not loading.....

I need a resolution quickly. Is there anyone working on this?????

- Janae Vogg, 919-796-1253
Posted by: creativedesignbuilders 2015-03-26
Hi, I'm back. Hope all is well with you :)
Posted by: a8hnaia 2015-02-14
Happy 2015
Posted by: supernatural-fan 2014-12-31
Thanks Michael
I had an old account but had to start this one as my email changed and cannot remember the 'old' accounts passwords / username etc.
I do not have much time now ... but I will personalize and and get it all running by the weekend.
I also want to use this to pay people via Pay Pal... etc.But am still trying to figure all this out ... at this stage.
Bye the way THANKS for being my FIRST FRIEND !
Amanda Short
Posted by: amandazartzanddollz 2014-11-24
how do I put the person's name below the picture, a name for each photo???
Posted by: wollgm 2014-10-30
Posted by: 0819554137 2014-10-24
Thanks for posting Michael. I just love Michelle's work and obviously you must too. This will be Michelle's and my new means of contact. Where do you live? Were you fortunate enough to be one of Michele's students?
Take care! Louise
Posted by: lz2013 2014-09-08
Thank you
Posted by: zendaya.cece 2014-07-28
Thanks Michael
Posted by: jamesbrennanhawaii 2014-02-28
Posted by: masalampintu 2014-02-15
Oh, and also......by "friends" I mean the people to whom I am sending my photos, not the friends on the community page (of which you are the only current member).
Posted by: ccd333 2013-12-30
Hi Michael. Thanks for the greeting. I am more interested in posting appealing photos than dressing up my profile page. I do have a question regarding the email address to which I am being sent comments regarding my photos. I initially signed up (mistakenly) using my MSN address. I began instantly getting notifications on which friend had opened and viewed my albums (which I like that feature.....don't get me wrong). I went into "My Account" and changed it to my Yahoo address, which I prefer since it is much less used and cluttered. So the notifications started coming to that address instead of MSN and I thought that was it. I was pleased. But now I am receiving feedback from friends via my MSN address. I could not seem to find a way to change that as well. Is there something I'm missing? Essentially, I want all correspondence of any kind to go to msmscurtis@yahoo.com. Thanks very much. - Mark Curtis
Posted by: ccd333 2013-12-30
Thanks for the welcome Michael, I wonder if I can use the bubble background you offer as a masthead for my Bubblews page where I write articles? It would be perfect for the them of the website, where our posts go out like bubbles to others!! Greetings and blessings! --Granny
Posted by: grannytenderstone 2013-12-17
十分的感谢. 我们一起享受这里的乐趣!
Posted by: yewx 2013-12-08
hello michael..thanks for your friendship..best wishes !
Posted by: victoriapreotesescu 2013-12-04
Thanks michael for your welcome message. I´m glad to be here.
Posted by: dafneoh 2013-11-18
Thank you.. it's nice to meet you.
Posted by: gyspyrose 2013-11-01
Thank you Micheal!
Posted by: rockersmovement 2013-10-24
Thank you Michael :)
Posted by: rymoney 2013-09-26
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Posted by: <No longer exists> 2013-08-18
Thanks for the Welcome Michael.
Posted by: navascarose 2013-08-08
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Posted by: <No longer exists> 2013-07-27
hi Michael. Thanks for telling me. I would love to do when I have enough time. I'm just having fun learning this cool program you have..I love it. BTW are you the owner is this your site?
Posted by: smarty_panty 2013-06-03
Obrigada pela informação, pode me explicar como faço para personalizar a minha página, sou nova no site.
Posted by: dudanty 2013-05-10
Thank you for your offer. I am muddling through.
Posted by: third_ward 2013-04-04
Thank you Michael for your warm welcome :)
I have to sort things out still
One things is very important for me, i am an artist (mainly portraits) and would like to post my art.
Will that be alright ?

Kind regards,
Posted by: pensezel 2013-03-22
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Posted by: <No longer exists> 2013-03-20
I'm having trouble getting my friends in to see my stuff, because it's asking them for a password. Please fix this soon. I have some stuff on eBay, and I want to remind people that I was famous once before it ends. Please help me, and just let them get through when they type in my name. Thanks a million!!!!
Posted by: sherise_landrey1 2013-03-16
I am having a hard time getting my profile photo in not sure why.
Posted by: daytonaplaces 2013-03-10
Hi Micheal! thanks for the kind welcome. Im workn on that as we speak! You see im a newbie to all things tech. so its slow going but absolutly fun. Most importantly im exited to show off my sweet rat terrier and hopefully get him a girlfriend!!! PT has a long time member i,ve only had the previledge to view, maxwells rat terriers i hope to become friends! and there my neighbors! thanks again friend#1
Posted by: sheilad83 2013-03-10
Thanks Michael, I'm glad to be a new member. I'll be sure to explore every feature and option as I organize my content here at PT. I'm always open to new ideas and critique, so be sure to check out my work.
Posted by: tonyrialto 2013-03-07
Omg...NOTHING has changed on here...and not sure if that is a good thing...and Michael..i bet you don't look like this either cuz looks like the same face from since 2005...JUST SAYING
Posted by: honeysinabunz 2013-02-26
Posted by: lucky543543 2013-02-07
thank you.^_^
Posted by: shelly10 2013-02-06
How do I put my slide back in mychurchwebsite ? I tried getting code but it doesn't post nothing except the code.

Posted by: fbcpleasanton 2013-02-06
are my photos private or does picture trail allow others to view them? i see my photo url on my homepage but would rather it not show public. how can i edit this?
Posted by: justinsmommie 2013-02-05
Спасибо. Я еще все возможности не изучил.
Posted by: qdragonq 2013-01-26
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Posted by: <No longer exists> 2013-01-18
ciao Michael grazie mille sto ancora cercando di capire come funziona
Posted by: annix61 2012-12-27
Hi Micheal, I am Vinny and this site is really cool. I just recently started a construction company and and heard about this site through a friend. Thought i'd give this site a try to advertise my small bussiness.
Thank you
Posted by: vinny0213 2012-11-24
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