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"Don't knock on Death's door. Ring the doorbell and RUN! He hates that."
Location: Travelers Rest

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  Meteormike's Up at Midnight
Incredible how this year is flying by! Two more months and Ill be doing my Thanksgiving blurb! It has been a scorcher this summer. I mean a real record breaker. The heat has been triple digits numerous times. I sure am glad weve been getting a lot of rain to go with it. School has already started back for everyone but Kenzi. She still has a trip to the beach and one to upstate New York before settling down to college. When everyone is back into the school routine I can do some of my fun stuff. Looks like a trip to Chicago with a couple of casino stops on the way for September, trip to Ft Lauderdale and a cruise to St Thomas for November and somewhere cold and snowy for Christmas. I love my new Droid and promise to do some mobile uploads for Facebook but PT will just have to be patient!

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  Below is Julie's Wedding Day Photo Cube. It was a perfect day!


  Mapping My Friends All around the World!

  Below are some pics of Summer 2010

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Thanksgiving 2010
  Posted on 12/06/2010 06:03 PM
Julia Hope Arrives on the Scene
  Posted on 07/28/2010 06:10 PM
Spring 2010
  Posted on 04/15/2010 04:15 PM
Summer 2009
  Posted on 04/05/2010 01:10 PM
2008 - 2009 School year is HISTORY!
  Posted on 06/28/2009 10:37 PM

  Feature Photos from Spring and Summer 2010
Here are some of the best of my photos from the beginning of 2010. We have had a lot going on with Easter, birthdays, school, sports, vacations and YES a new grandbaby!

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hi ! hope all is well on that side
things here are great !
take care
Posted by: sagothica210 2013-05-21
Yes I have along with everyone else, come join us.
Posted by: fataldarkness 2013-01-20


Posted by: babybirdnest 2013-01-17

Have a Good Night and a Blessed day tomorrow,Jean
Posted by: babybirdnest 2013-01-16

hope as is well and you enjoy your Thanksgiving

Posted by: sagothica210 2012-11-22
Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving..Save the Turkey,,,,,go Meatless.... Photobucket Photobucket
Posted by: babybirdnest 2012-11-21
Thank you for the friendship request!
Posted by: bdinda7 2012-11-02
hi there..

i havent log on to this account for awhile...sorry for the delayed response...thank you for taking time to drop by and greet me...really appriciate it...
i hope you havd a wonderful day....take care..!

Posted by: m0rena 2012-09-18

Hello, do hope all well on that side !
things here are pretty much the same
and that's a good thing !

Wishing You a Wonderful Week

take care

Posted by: sagothica210 2012-08-27
Hope you are having a nice cool day....wonderful day here but afternoon storms predicted,,,Jean
Posted by: babybirdnest 2012-08-14
Glad you had a good time,,have several relatives that work there,one in security...did you make pictures,you will have to share...

Hope your week has started out great,,,Jean
Posted by: babybirdnest 2012-08-06
hello my friend... I haven't been here for sometimes. just want to say thanks for stopping by my page ^_^
Posted by: kriskit_che 2012-07-10
just stopped by to say hello
hope all is well
and let ya know someone is thinking of you

take care Mike .......
Posted by: sagothica210 2012-04-22
good morning
have a terrific thursday !

Posted by: sagothica210 2012-02-02
wishing you a terrific thursday !!
Posted by: sagothica210 2012-01-12

Just taking one day at a time,,waiting to see what God has in store ,whatever he gives us we will have to accept and know it is his will,Hugs,Jean
Posted by: babybirdnest 2011-12-31
Hi mike..wanna see more work of mine, just visit this homepage http://www.artmajeur.com/berniepaintings
have a very happy 2012 for you and your family
Posted by: berniepaintings 2011-12-29
I can't wait for the prosperous part whooo hooooo.... thank you and hugs back.... Happy New Year.
Posted by: fataldarkness 2011-12-28
Thank you! sorry i did not check here earlier so I hope you have a happy christmas and wish you and your family a happy new year ! All the best!
Posted by: mizzy_amber 2011-12-27
Thank you Mike. Merry Christmas to you too, and best wishes for the new year. :)
Posted by: kristelclear 2011-12-25

Posted by: hiromon 2011-12-25
Sorry I have not been on,,,having real serious family illness,,taking it day to day,,thanks for the comment..



Hope your day has been a blessing,,Hugs,Jean

Love your music........
Posted by: babybirdnest 2011-12-25

Wishing you Warm Christmas Blessings
Posted by: sagothica210 2011-12-21
Hi Mike, My Thanksgiving was good. Thank you. Hope you had a good one too. :)
Posted by: kristelclear 2011-11-29
It was good i worked actually
Gotta make that money glad to
See your home safe

Have a wonderful evening
Posted by: sagothica210 2011-11-27

Posted by: sagothica210 2011-11-24
Lol lol lol,,I love your status,,,,anything to irritate the Devil is good with me...lol..Thanks for the add,not been on here much had sickness ,my doggie got sick on some dog food,,had a time,,she is getting better...do have a site also on My BoomerPlace.com..are you on there???



Have a Good day,really warm here today,but rain and cold coming back,Hugs,Jean
Posted by: babybirdnest 2011-10-27
thank you very much for the compliment
hope you enjoy your wednesday
Posted by: sagothica210 2011-10-05
OK! Have a good day!!

Posted by: hiromon 2011-08-22
Are your brothers already OK?
It is good.
I pray for all your families are good.

Posted by: hiromon 2011-07-11
thank you very much !
and please add it and enjoy

i love playing the game myself
Posted by: sagothica210 2011-07-06

Have A Wonderful 4th of July

Posted by: sagothica210 2011-07-04
u can look at them anytime. ;-)
Posted by: godscreations 2011-05-30
Howdy how are u?
Posted by: godscreations 2011-05-30
hey..hi..ur on..?
Posted by: lisa.. 2011-05-21
yaa...sure..y not......... ;)
Posted by: lisa.. 2011-05-14
hey..r u on..?
Posted by: lisa.. 2011-05-14
Ohhhhh poisen ivy is bad news. Hope it gets better soon.
Posted by: fataldarkness 2011-05-12
ya..same here
Posted by: lisa.. 2011-05-11
Hey how are you these days. Hope all is well with you.
Posted by: fataldarkness 2011-05-10
Have a nice new weeke!

Posted by: hiromon 2011-05-09
thanks for the comment came by
to say hello
Posted by: sagothica210 2011-04-17
yaa..i like them too..;)
Posted by: lisa.. 2011-04-08
thank you very much
here , I am getting ready for work
wishing you a great night !

Posted by: sagothica210 2011-04-05
hey..wacha doin?;)
Posted by: lisa.. 2011-03-21
hello..yes ..
im to excited..!
Posted by: lisa.. 2011-03-19

Wishing you a Wonderful St. Patricks Day

enjoy !

my dearest regardz
Posted by: sagothica210 2011-03-17
Thanks meteormike.

My home is 700km away from the epicenter.
My home was safe.
However, the damage of Tohoku region is serious.
Posted by: hiromon 2011-03-11
no prob :]
Posted by: s.a.r.a.h138 2011-03-09
Good Morning !
Have a Wonderful Sunday !
Posted by: sagothica210 2011-02-27
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