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Betty McCurdy
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"In Enjoy Life is Special"
Location: LoneWolf,OK

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Last Login: 9/21/2009



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Betty's Interests
Introduce Yourself:
My name is Betty. I had a daughter by just turn age of 17. I was working making us a living, when I meet Larry Nivens Jr. and I got pageant, when We got married in October 1980, Had a baby boy.
then I find out he was mean and on drug. We lived together off and on then I was stupid and got pageant again by him in 1982. We got a divorced in January 1983 just after the baby was born. I got back with him again off & on until 1990, I told his mother this is it I'm thought with him. So I went go with life. I work and make my kids a living. I went for child support. Then in 1994. My Dad wanted me to move to Lone Wolf, Oklahoma, but in March of 1995 I moved to Oklahoma. My dad was in bad health . I was going to take care of him. I didn't liked the town, but I got a job. I worked and was taking care of him, but in June of 1996. He had a surgery, then had a stroke and pass away. I was going to sell the house, then move back to Texas.In 1997 still haven't sold the house. I meet a real nice guy in June 1997. We went fishing on a boat. We started dating .
We got married December 1997. I was scared but I went from day to day. It been going on for almost 10 years. He had a son.
My kids are married. They had their family but he son is still my school.We have 7 grandkids. We run a Convenience store.We don't get to have much fun. We watch wrestling every time it come on.
Interests & Hobbies:
My Computer
Fishing when I can go.
just have fun
TV Shows:
Wrestling, I watch every time it come on.
30minute comedy like King & queen-
Favorite Music & Bands:
George Strait
Country Music
Some Rock
Favorite Movies:
Favorite People You Know:
My Husband
Favorite Celebrities:
Christmas because kids are coming home.


Girly glitter comments from www.GirlyTags.com


Girly glitter comments from www.GirlyTags.com

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Girly glitter comments from www.GirlyTags.com

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Hello Betty,

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theLIGHT is here and everywhere brightening your day....And when night falls, just wish me on - so that in dreams can LIGHT your way.
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Thank you for the add & allowing me into your inner circle of Ptrail friends.
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theLIGHT: Prince Of Words


Eddie, Your ((((LIGHT)))) & Friend Always

P.S. When you have a moment to visit my homepage, while there please view my blogs. That's where I display some of my writings. Comments on blogs/poem are greatly appreciated...Thank you.
Posted by: eddielight 2008-04-10
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