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Location: Arvada

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Last Login: 3/20/2014

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 photo Nubia_group_stpatrick019_zps4f7634c_zpsec28f373.gif
Posted by: babybirdnest 2014-03-17
You're welcome. Beautiful day to you. :)
Posted by: anece 2013-07-19
Hi Friend!

Scarlet Snowfoot and I, we're talking about your beautiful work. I'm happy to see that you visited PT this month. :)

Blessed day.

Posted by: anece 2013-05-27
 photo imagesCAWF5T1X_zps903c005e.jpg
Posted by: babybirdnest 2013-04-21
Hi. Happy New Year to you! :)
Posted by: anece 2008-12-31
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hello linetta! :o) I just wanted to say thank you
for the lovely kind words you left on my comments
section recently..I'm sorry I could not respond back
to you sooner, I've been able to bee on here for a while
...but I'm doing a little bit of catching up now! x I hope
you are feeling well and that life is being kind to you.
Your artwork is full of life and you can see the love
that you put into each piece.x
wishing you peaceful days..with love scarlet X x x
Posted by: sorchalittlewing 2007-06-25
Hi! Thanks a lot for accepting my friendly request and thanks for sharing your beautiful page.

Posted by: anece 2007-04-09
LOVE LOVE LOVE your work, you def. have the talents of a famous few I know! Donna Dewbury has nothing on you hun at all! Thanx for the add! Someday I hope to be as good as you!! And your gardens of flowers, all I can say is WOW, I just bought a house and noone has lived here for like years so the backyard is a mess and I gotta start over new so I've been sketching what I want to do, cuz spring is coming YIPEEEEE, It was like 57 here today and I Loved every second of it!!! LOL!!! Thanx again for the add and TTYL!
Posted by: dhugo 2007-03-11
Just wanted to say I love your Work...your very talented.

Thanks for the add, and Happy New Year.

Everything is very beautiful.
Posted by: d.a.v 2007-01-04
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