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31 years old

Location: KYU-ZEE

Views: 1839

Last Login: 6/14/2009

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sassybhaybe05@yahoo.com ill try to add u too..but whatever..we'll both try lolz... kip the comment goin...tc
Posted by: reya1284 2007-05-14
i think i already add u!! i do knw..well im doin fine too..same here busy at work..yeah hope we could chat some time... mizzin yah too
Posted by: reya1284 2007-04-24
hey how have u been? its been awhile... huh? juz droppin by to say HI!!! hope ur ok... hit me whenever...
Posted by: reya1284 2007-04-20
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Posted by: reya1284 2007-02-27
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Posted by: <No longer exists> 2006-12-10
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