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27 years old

Location: bauchi

Views: 8526

Last Login: 12/3/2015

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i am nice and simple .

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  i love this music !!!

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hello jhon, how are you?
Posted by: kriskit_che 2011-10-24
heya.. =] np !
Posted by: dark_angel73 2010-05-21

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Posted by: @thet 2009-12-06

im ok though still busy so i dont have time to sit for so long infront of my pc...u? how r u? wassup? bro, u knw i miss talking to u, i wanna knw whats d latest happening to u?
Posted by: @thet 2009-10-01

Posted by: @thet 2009-09-03
am very much fine, my frirnf thanks. how about you?
Posted by: kriskit_che 2009-08-17
wow.. really? u will dance for me..whoa. i cant wait to catch u online wd camera.. i really wanna see u in person even over d cam.. i miss u bro.. ^_^
have a great weekend!
Posted by: @thet 2009-08-08
miss u so much. like old times chatting huh? and i havnt seen u over d cam while u seen me already.. now if we do chat again. will u show urself to me??
Posted by: @thet 2009-08-04
ah ok. u did tell me about ur mom,, i just thought that she was with u again..im sorry..anyway. being happy is at ur hand..so stay happy.. i miss u bro Jhon...^_^
Posted by: @thet 2009-08-03
good to knw that u r happy now.. wait.. what about ur mom???
Posted by: @thet 2009-08-01
thank u jhon.. so how r u today? what's up? look ur in good mood and happy right now.. i can seen it to ur photos. ^_^
Posted by: @thet 2009-07-30
i got busy my friend..my mom passed away and burried yesterday..
Posted by: @thet 2009-07-19
100 watt smile
Posted by: kriskit_che 2009-06-22
A friend is like a shade tree
Beside a summer way.
A friend is like the sunshine
That makes a perfect day.
A friend is like a flower
That's worn close to the heart.
A friend is like a treasure
With which one will not part
Posted by: kriskit_che 2009-06-09
Friends Myspace Commentskriskit_che 2009-06-03
hey! did you forget me?

i am kriskit or cherry!
anyway, nice to know your doing good!
Posted by: kriskit_che 2009-05-27
hello my bro. Jhons.. how's been? i missed you too.. sorry i am busy now so i couldnt log on here and even to my ym msngr..i am studying again..ur looking good.. and its good to hear from u again..love u my dear friend..^_^
Posted by: @thet 2008-11-21
well. if that's ur decision.. anyway. i found u in yuwie though.. and im just wondering why u didnt send me request? im not longer active here in pic.trail coz cherry wasnt here always too.
and if i opened this or yuwie.. it's only limited time coz im busy.. i will study again and doing alot of requierments to be finished...
nway. if i get enough time.. ill be added u in yuwie.. in there i take even a lil time to check it but not anymore here.
and i still consider u as my bro and my friend. u were so dear to me though hectic time is still considered right now. hope it'll be finish so i could spend a little more time infront of my computer again like what i've used too.
u take care and keep in touch.. love yah jhon.. mwuah.
Posted by: @thet 2008-04-29

Posted by: yinxingen 2008-03-23
I'M THROWING YOU THE FRIENDSHIP BALL!! Throw it back to someone else who means something to you! A ball is a circle, no beginning, no end, it keeps us together like our circle of friends. But the treasure inside for you to see, is the treasure of friendship you've granted to me. Today, I pass the friendship ball to you, pass it to someone who is a friend to you. Now the ball is in your hands, and what you do with it is up to you. Don't drop the ball, make sure that you throw it back to the one who sent it to you if they are your friends.
Posted by: joeldavao 2008-01-07

just for you jhons...Linda
Posted by: lgrif 2008-01-03

cheers for a blessed and prosperous new year my friend. ^_^

i love u my bro.. mwuah =)
Posted by: @thet 2007-12-30
i included u coz ur precious for me my dear brother. me as ur sister love u and care for u much. mwuah ^_^
Posted by: @thet 2007-12-27

Posted by: lgrif 2007-12-26

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Posted by: lgrif 2007-12-23
have a blessed joyful christmas to u my brother..love yah. ^_^

Posted by: @thet 2007-12-21

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Posted by: joeldavao 2007-12-20
Posted by: lgrif 2007-12-19
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Posted by: lgrif 2007-12-18

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Posted by: joeldavao 2007-12-17

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Posted by: lgrif 2007-12-12

Happiness is a very subjective factor in one's life. Being happy doesn't depend on achieving what u want, but rather making d best out of what is given. Life isn't fair, it never was. d only thing that can make u happy is contentment. Be contented on what u have, but be sure to aim high and never stop believing YOU can do better every time..but if all fails..Don't forget that an ordinary YOU has an extraordinary ME to back you up.. ^_^ /

Posted by: @thet 2007-12-09
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hey jhons. do you have christmes where you live?
we do, hope you have nice day. take care my friend.
Posted by: lgrif 2007-12-08

Posted by: syllye 2007-12-07

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Posted by: lgrif 2007-12-06
you r so welcome jhoma have a nice
day my friend...Linda.
Posted by: lgrif 2007-12-05

Posted by: syllye 2007-12-05

Posted by: syllye 2007-12-04
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Posted by: lgrif 2007-12-04
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Posted by: lgrif 2007-12-03
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hello jhons 5 thank for the add on. may you
have a nice week your pt friend...Linda
Posted by: lgrif 2007-12-02
hey jhon ,how are you doing ?well i am doing great right now;; we live day by day ;;all my familyis doing good ;; we are getting ready for christmas ;; all my grand kids are so excited; weehave a good week ;; talk to me as the week goes by, lol sylvia
Posted by: syllye 2007-12-02
i miss u jhon.. i was waiting for you in shout freezone but since i got tired yesterday, i fell asleep..che wasnt in d club also maybe she's doing important matter.. did u hear d song i posted in d club? i like that song, it given me hope when i heard it during d times when i felt lonely.. hope i can catch you again both online.. alright.. mwuah ^_^
Posted by: @thet 2007-12-02
Listen to this song.. that was d song Ive heard when d world seems to stop for me, problems, ordeal etc...
It inspired me and awaken and remembered that there still hope in life if you still living..Love you my dear friend

Posted by: @thet 2007-12-01
it's my pleasure (*)';'(*)
Posted by: joeldavao 2007-11-29
THANKS for having me here :)

Thanks 4 tha Add
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Posted by: joeldavao 2007-11-26
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Posted by: <No longer exists> 2007-11-17
really?yes it's my favorite song.. close to u.. and i want to be close to u...=)
Posted by: @thet 2007-11-10
to u my friend.. hope u like this song..^_^

Posted by: @thet 2007-11-10
hello jhon.. how r u my friend.. u know what i have a problem.. i need someone to talk to.. im depressed right now..=) but having a lot of friends like makes me go on.. thanks for being there.. hope we become a close friend!! God be with us now and then.. mwuah =)
Posted by: @thet 2007-11-10
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