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Johan Klopper
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Location: Kempton Park

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Last Login: 9/22/2010


  About Me
My name is Johan, 62 years old, retired for 10 years now and spend a lot of time in the velt close to nature. I have three Quad Bikes and a very dear friend who is living with me. My wife died Jan 2008 after she spent 8 years in hospital. I have a Guest House which runs itself. I am a member of the F-Stop photography club now for the last 3 months. Photograhy has been my hobby for as long as I can remember. I also make DVD Documentry Movies. A lovely garden is my passion. I use to have Koi fish in the garden but got rid of them about a year ago. I had 10 ponds with a total of 79000lt of water in them. Will post some pictures of then soon.

My new hobby is Designing Web Sites. Stil learning !!

I am a down to earth person, just like chatting via e-mail, Windows Messenger, Yahoo Messenger or Skype.

I have been to a lot of places and countries in my life but I have never been in America. I would love to have a friend in America that I could chat to. I can tell about South Africa and learn a bit more about America.

If you want to e-mail me feel free to do so.

Johan's Interests
Introduce Yourself:
Retired Nature Lover.
Favorite Quote:
To Love and Money and Time to enjoy it.
Rules I live by:
And now these three remain, Faith, Hope and Love. But the Greatest of these is Your Choice.
Interests & Hobbies:
Photography, Quad Bikes

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I am doing well my friend. Keeping very busy with my ladies gospel singing group. We have three concerts coming up this Sunday and three the next. Have a blessed evening.
Posted by: texas-country 2009-10-14

Posted by: texas-country 2009-10-03
Good morning Johan,
Had an awesome concert last night. Big alter call. Wow!
Loved it. Got home late as it was quite a drive to get to the church we sang at. We are already starting to practice our Christmas music. Have a great day my friend.


Posted by: texas-country 2009-09-21

Posted by: texas-country 2009-09-17

Sorry my visits have become so sparse, but seems like I am always on the move now, especially since "The Steel Magnolias". I truly love being a part of the wonderful group, but it leaves me little time for much else and by the time I throw church and drama club activities into the mix, the days just turn into months. Hope everyone is feeling well.
Posted by: texas-country 2009-09-10

Sorry it's been so long since you have heard from me, but seems like there are just not enough hours in the day to get to my websites anymore.
Posted by: texas-country 2009-08-27


Posted by: texas-country 2009-07-10

Wishing you a very Happy 4th and a relaxing weekend. Have fun.
My computer is dead, so won't be on much.

Thinking of you always,
Posted by: texas-country 2009-07-04


Posted by: texas-country 2009-06-16

Sorry I haven't been around for awhile.
We are busy getting ready for our CD release this coming Sunday.
Will hopefully have more time next week.

Posted by: texas-country 2009-06-10
Have a relaxing and peaceful weekend.

Posted by: texas-country 2009-06-06

Posted by: texas-country 2009-06-03
Just picked up your comment. I am so shocked that doctors are on strike. I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF SUCH A THING! What happened to the oath they took when they became doctors to treat all patients regardless of age, race, religion or financial situation?????????????

Posted by: texas-country 2009-06-02
I get most of my pictures from photo bucket. The ones of our singing group were taken by my husband and I make a slide show at photo bucket. They give you an html code for everything so you can post it anywhere where html code is accepted.

Our group sings at various churches within the area. Following is a slide show made from several of our concerts.

Practice went well last night. We are looking forward to our concert this Sunday morning. If anyone is in that area....it will be at the Rockpoint Church, 21654 Blanco, San Antonio, TX at 11:30 A.M.

Posted by: texas-country 2009-05-27

Hope you had a nice Memorial Weekend. Ours was busy. Another busy week ahead also as we have another concert this coming Sunday. It is in San Antonio. Practice tonight and Thursday night. Hope you are doing well.

Posted by: texas-country 2009-05-26
Hello Johan,
South Africa sounds like a terribly unsafe place to be right now. We heard nothing of the election there. In fact we don't really hear much of anything concerning South Africa on they news. I am so thankful that we live in a democratic country, even though the economy is not very good right now. GOD BLESS AMERICA. Monday is Memorial Day here and a day that we honor our soldiers who gave their all for our independence and safety.

Posted by: texas-country 2009-05-23
Posted by: texas-country 2009-05-21
Good morning again,
I just picked up your guest-book comment about your flag. I was totally amazed that it does not have a meaning. I thought all flags stood for something....VERY INTERESTING.

Posted by: texas-country 2009-05-21
Good Morning Johan,
It is nice and warm this morning. I am playing catch up with my web sites, email and house work. I have practice this evening with "The Steel Magnolias" We have a concert Sunday morning in Kyle. Between my singing group and drama club, I keep busy and really enjoy them both. We had a nice relaxing evening at home last night, except for my husband having computer problems. I think he finally got it up and running early this morning. Sounds like you and your friend also had a nice evening.

Posted by: texas-country 2009-05-21
Yes, this site is a little different that some of the others, but I really like it. That is the best way to learn, just look around and check things out, that's what I did too.

Your new friend,
Posted by: texas-country 2009-05-20

Posted by: texas-country 2009-05-19
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