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Sylee Vanki
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If you want to be a sitemodel and if not then who cares :)

22 years old

Location: within your soul

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Last Login: 3/30/2013

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sitemodel finders, dark.side, my.young.model., my sitemodel agency, California Love. <33


  About TheToxicScene
So just wanted to make a account to show people the beauty of the world i look for sitemodel and girl(boys too) who are will to show their beauty to the world. I love how people accept themselves for who they are. Its amazing to me how they look but its shocking to me that very little people know they are beautiful for who they are not what they look like i want to show them that they can accept themselve with my help. become a sitemodel of My.Young.Model. Now :)


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Re-new your album with new pics
  Posted on 10/01/2010 05:48 PM
Sitemodel sigh up (12&under)
  Posted on 10/01/2010 05:46 PM
Sitemodel sign up(13&older)
  Posted on 10/01/2010 05:41 PM

My name is Sylee. But Every Calls me Vemon. Iím 16 years old and Iím in love with photography.

My birthdays is December
I love music and my family
I have 3 dog and a pet snake
Amineís biggest fan
Hate posers, drama, and ect.
Love meeting new people
I was born in Nevada but live in New Mexico now
Im half Japanese(Momís side)
Animal lover :}
Pretty random and ironic
Very nice,caring,and doesnít GAF
3 accounts only of toxic scene

I have a you tube, and fromspring account (and of course this account)
Ways you can contacted me:

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Posted by: amy.adore 2013-03-30
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