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Giant German Shepherds
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34 years old

Location: Gettysburg

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Last Login: 8/30/2014

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  Giant German Shepherd Breeders

Giant German Shepherds by Giant German Shepherd Breeders in PA

Pioneer German Shepherds breeds sweet-tempered plush and long coat (long haired) German Shepherd Dogs that are oversized with a laidback temperament. Please note that our dogs are NOT Shiloh Shepherds but are distantly related, with larger size and less angulation than most GSD. Nor are they King Shepherds, however they are above average in size (some say king sized) with a large-boned structure. Our associations are with the AKC, UKC, OFA and Pennhip. Puppies are whelped indoors and raised underfoot in our home with lots of love, occasionally available to select companion homes. For more information about our dogs, see our website at http://www.pioneergermanshepherds.com

Please note, we are giant German Shepherd breeders, NOT Shiloh Shepherd breeders nor King Shepherd breeders, which are different from our dogs, who are pure giant German Shepherds. King Shepherds and Shiloh Shepherds are separately registered breeds.

**NEW** video of our male Ash at age 3.5 years, a gentle giant German Shepherd!

Long Haired German Shepherd Breeder

Long Hair German Shepherds

More assorted videos of our dogs, you can check out even more by visiting our Long Coat German Shepherds Channel on Youtube at http://www.youtube.com/user/LongcoatGSD

Giant Long Coat German Shepherd Ash - Pioneer Pioneer's GSD

Runtime: 3:36107713 views10 Comments:

Giant German Shepherd Puppy Abe Long Haired GSD Dog

Runtime: 2:1257341 views10 Comments:

Solid Black German Shepherd Puppy Singing + Howling 23 days

Runtime: 0:3065992 views10 Comments:

Long Haired German Shepherds Playing In Snow Long Hair Dogs

Runtime: 3:3910826 views10 Comments:

German Shepherd pups - Ash x Greta 2008 - week 5

Runtime: 3:061548 views3 Comments:

Old Fashioned German Shepherds - Old Style German Shepherds

Runtime: 4:5812082 views10 Comments:

>> Video about our Large German Shepherds <<

This video helps summarize a bit about us and our dogs, a beautiful compilation of video and photos.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are your dogs Shiloh Shepherds / Shiloh Shepherd Dogs?
  • Are your dogs King Shepherds / King German Shepherds / King Size German Shepherds?
  • Do you ever have solid black German Shepherd puppies / solid black German Shepherds / black German Shepards?
  • Do you have old fashioned German Shepherds / old style German Shepherds / old world German Shepherds?
  • Do you have Rin Tin Tin line German Shepherds / Rin Tin Tin line puppies?

  • Feel free to add us as friends on Myspace as well, find us at http://www.myspace.com/longcoatgermanshepherds and check out our Squidoo page at http://www.squidoo.com/largegermanshepherdbreeder!

    More German Shepherd Videos

    - Coated German Shepherds - Coated German Shepherd Ash, Greta, Jewel - Pioneer German Shepherds

    - Long Haired German Shepherd - past pup Sky

    Pioneer Shepherds | Pioneer Shepherd Breeder | Giant German Shepherds | Oversized German Shepherd Breeder | German Shepherd Puppies for Sale

    Large German Shepherd Breeders!

    Ash and some of our other dogs are now on t-shirts, coffee mugs, and more! Check out our new place at http://www.cafepress.com/PioneerGSDs

    ...cause anything else is just a German Shepherd!

    Long Coat German Shepherds Blog!

    Pioneer Shepherds are are similar to King Shepherds but are 100% German Shepherd Dogs, but we are NOT King Shepherd breeders and our dogs are not King Shepherds in the sense that they are registered as a separate rare breed! We only breed pure 100% Giant German Shepherds.

    Large German Shepherd Breeder | Large German Shepherds | Long Coat German Shepherd Breeder | Long Coat German Shepherds

    NOTE: Yes, we are large German Shepherd breeders so our dogs are above the standard for size. Large German Shepherd breeders of large German Shepherds, old fashioned German Shepherds, old style German Shepherds by old fashioned German Shepherd breeders.

    Long Coat German Shepherd Breeders | Long Coat German Shepherd Breeder | Pennsylvania German Shepherd Breeders | Long Coat German Shepherd Breeder

    White German Shepherd Breeders In Pennsylvania | White German Shepherd Breeders | White German Shepherd Breeders

    Please contact us regarding availability of beautiful white German Shepherd puppies! We may occasionally have both pure white as well as a white variation which is similar to the color of champagne and is sometimes described as apricot coloration or "honey kissed coloration" in both the long and short coat length.

    Rin Tin Tin line German Shepherd Greta - Rin Tin Tin descendant The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin - we have Rin Tin Tin descendant puppies occasionally available.

    Also contact us regarding our Rin Tin Tin descendant puppies, as we do have some dogs who can trace their lineage back to both Rin Tin Tin II as well as Rin Tin Tin IV! Even our dogs that are not out of Rin Tin Tin share a similar appearance to the famous dog of movies and television.

    Rin Tin Tin | Rin Tin Tin line puppies | Rin Tin Tin puppies

    Large German Shepherds | Giant German Shepherds | Large German Shepherd Breeder | Giant German Shepherd Breeder | German Shepherd Breeders in PA
    German Shepherd breeders | Long Haired German Shepherds

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      Giant German Shepherd Puppies for sale


    Long coat German Shepherd breeders

    Click the above link or the flashing sign to see what Giant German Shepherd puppies we may have available at the moment, give us a call at 717-677-6451 or email us at gsd@mcnew.org

    King Shepherd - NO - Giant German Shepherd Ash Giant German Shepherd Breeders King German Shepherd Breeders

    German Shepherd puppies for sale | German Shepherds for sale | puppies for sale | dogs for sale

    German Shepherd | German Shepherds

    Sometimes we have puppies or adults occasionally for sale, please contact us or check out our website for availability. To get an idea of what we produce, check out one of our German Shepherd puppies videos below!

    Black German Shepherd Breeder | Black German Shepherds | Black German Shepards | Black German Shepard Breeder | Large German Shepherd Breeders | German Shepherd Breeders in Pennsylvania | German Shepherd puppies for sale

    German Shepherd puppies for sale

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