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"Have A Heart & Be Responsible~Spay Or Neuter Your Pets~"
Location: Westmoreland

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Last Login: 9/13/2010

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  About Me
Howdy ! Basically in a nut shell, I am an animal lover, and have a farm in beautiful Tennessee, where I have a herd of rescued animals that I take care of including mini pigs, mini goats, dogs, cats, ducks, guineas, peacocks, and a flock of Fancy Chickens. I raise and breed Silkies, Polish, Turkens, Brahmas, Silver Spangled Hamburgs, and Millie Fluers.
My friend Kate and I have a little hatching egg business called Fancy Bantys, and we sell hatching eggs on both our website at, and on both Ebay and Eggbid auctions.

I am happily married, and we have 5 grown children, and 10 grandchildren !

When I am not busy tending to my animals, I enjoy arts and crafts, and scrapbooking.

Kim's Interests
My Interests:
Other than my animal rescue work and chickens, I enjoy arts and crafts, and trying to be creative in making things with my hands.

  Visit My Website For Hatching Eggs
I have a website for my hatching egg sales at

I sell purebred hatching eggs in the breeds of:

Naked Neck Turkens
Silkies, in White, Blue and Red
White Crested Black, Polish Bantams
Light Brahmas
Silver Spangled Hamburgs
Millie Fluers

I also usually have auctions running on Ebay


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  My Kitty Cat-Her name is Lovey

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Turken Hen-Juliet 

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Thanks for adding me .nice picturetrail
Posted by: peekaboosilkies 2008-02-20
I love the pix of your critters!! Be sure to check out my pix too!
Posted by: pet_crazy 2008-02-14
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Posted by: <No longer exists> 2008-02-04
Hey Kim, I am so glad to have you back in the chicken world again. I know there are others that will be glad to have you back also. You have been missed!
Posted by: webbacres 2008-01-20
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