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Danielle Hugo
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"If at first you dont succeed, keep trying, quitters are NO winners!!!!!!!!"

38 years old

Location: Canton

Views: 3549

Last Login: 4/13/2007


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Danielle's Interests
Hey, you can call me Dani,:
Happily married, mother of two who loves to paint, hunt and just be with her family!
Favorite quote:
Do unto others as you would want for yourself and What comes around goes around!!!!!!!
Rules I live by:
Loyalty, Honesty, Respect, and the rest after that is Livin Life to the fullest!!!!!!!!
Interests & Hobbies:
Hunting, Painting, Drawing, Mud boggin, Camping, Anything involving my family and outdoors!!!!!
TV Shows:
To many to mention, to cold to go outside during the winter months so at night time its one of my favorite past times!!!
Favorite Music & Bands:
Oh way to many, I love everything from Evanesence, Nickelback, Disturbed to Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw & Martina McBride or Reba!
Favorite Movies:
Yep another WAY 2 MANY!!!!!!
Cocktail, Coyote Ugly, Driven, Fast & the Furious, and so on.
Favorite People You Know:
My hubby, My kids, My best Friends, and of course my ma, pa and sis's and bro's!!!!!
Favorite Celebrities:
REBA and a few others that I know there faces and not there names!
Favorite Reads:
Nora Roberts, Dr Phil

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Redbook cover I did after it came out for my hubby 

Close shot 

Fall Whitetail 

The Elk 

The Elk Saw 

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Thank you so much for your great compliments -- I don't really do any art in the style of Donna's "One Stroke", but I really admire her business acumen in taking her hobby to such a huge success!

Checked out your album and I really think you should keep it up. Your themes are wonderful and I can tell you enjoy the process, which is the most important thing of all.

Good luck on the yard -- but then, as with painting, gardening is all about enjoying what you are doing!
Posted by: linettalee 2007-03-16
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Posted by: <No longer exists> 2007-03-10
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