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Location: Ashville

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Last Login: 5/11/2008


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Welcome . Hope you enjoy my pictures. I have lots of birds and will set up an album with some of the birds I have for Sale here.

I am in western NY. I do ship chicks after they are 4 weeks old and can ship to most states now, except for MO and AL. I also do not ship to states that require a vets certificate at this time. I sell hatching eggs and birds on eggbid and tandbpoultryauctions and eggs in ebay as they do not allow bird sales on their site. I ship my hatching eggs via priority mail and the birds go via express mail.

After 7 years of breeding Silkies, I am very excited about where i am this year. I have seen so much improvement over the past 2 years and I have also purchased some very nice birds the past few months to add to my flock, which should also help add new genes and compliment my existing flocks with some improvements in many of the colors.

I have several other breeds as well, but the silkies are my biggest flocks and I now have very good quality birds in most of the colors. I am slowly reducing the number of other species and will have some of them up for auction as I decide which ones to let go. I am also getting rid of all the non bearded silkies, to concentrate on bearded silkies, so there will be some nice breeders for sale.

  I Love my Birds!
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