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Location: Ashville

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Last Login: 12/2/2008

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Please check out the Great new online auction site,


This site is user friendly and Mel provides great customer service, something that is missing from some of the other sites. This is where you will find most of the birds and eggs I have available for purchase in 2008. Ovabid is a new auction site and already has over 1000 users registered. Please come and join us there.


You will find my listings under user name egglady111.
Happy bidding!

  Contact Info:
EMAIL me at fancyfeathers@windstream.net with any questions or if you are interested in some of my birds. I try to answer my emails within 24 hours, but sometimes I don't get a chance til the second day depending on my work schedule and the time my birds require my services.

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  About Me
Hello, my name is Kathy and I raise several breeds of poultry and waterfowl here on our 76 acre farm in western New York. I started raising poultry in 1999 and now have several breeds that I raise for show. I went to my first 3 shows in the 2007 season and many of my birds placed very well, including a RB for one of my silkies. I am looking forward to meeting more people in the poultry fancy this year. I have been selling hatching eggs and started birds for the last 3 years on the online auction sites and locally. I am known to many as egglady111, which is the seller name I have used on Eggbid, Ebay and T and B Pountry Auctions, and I recently started using the name of 123EGGS on Eggbid. I will be selling mostly on a new andbetter auction site, Ovabid.com for the 2008 season, hope to see you there. I am NPIP tested clean, and a member of the ABA, ASBC, and the NY representative for the NSBA. I hope to soon be a member of the APA as well.

I hatch year around, so I always have some started birds for sale, and usually have something for sale on the auction sites. I hatch a lot of my bantams and other chickens through the winter, as my incubators are usually full with the seasonal eggs in the spring and early summer. If you see something that you might be interested in, you are welcome to email me, but if you use a spam blocker, make sure to add me to your address book if you want to receive a reply. I try to get back to you within 24 hours, but since I am also an RN and work outside the farm 3-4 days a week, I sometimes can't get back to you right away. I usually answer most emails in the evening or late at night after work, since most of my daylight hours are spent caring for my birds and other animals.
I also raise Jack Russell Terriers and frequently have puppies for sale.

Hope you enjoy your visit to my poultry farm. Looking forward to doing business with you and hearing your comments on my birds.

  Some of our Dogs
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We now have a new litter of Jack Russell Terrier Puppies. I have a new album published where you can see pictures them just before their tails were docked. I hope to update the pictures as soon as they open their eyes. They are gorgeous pups and they are all girls, seven of them!

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  Posted on 08/13/2007 11:22 PM
Chicks and started birds
  Posted on 05/23/2007 10:21 PM
Chicks are ready
  Posted on 04/07/2007 11:57 PM
Finally, Spring has Sprung!
  Posted on 03/21/2007 11:13 PM
Bird Shipping
  Posted on 02/12/2007 10:02 AM

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CS Buff Cock and his girls 

Pair of Snowy Call Ducks 

Gray and White Call Ducks 

Day old white and black silkie babies 

Gray Japanese 

Magpie Call Duck 

Cuckoo Silkie Hen 

White Silkie 

Mottled Japanese Hen 

Splash Silkie Hen 

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I would be glad to be your friend. YOU are my first friend. It is funny how important that is, but it does mean something to all of us and it is how we build good friendships. :)
Posted by: crestedhorizon 2008-10-12
Come visit my page, I'd really like to be friends. Pat

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Posted by: msbsgblue 2008-09-12
Thank you for adding me as a friend... I dearly love your beautiful chickens. I wish I had room for some, I had a few really pretty bantams as a child, the rooster let me walk him on a leash with a tiny collar my dad made for his let. In fact he really loved the walks. Pat

Posted by: msbsgblue 2008-09-10
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Posted by: <No longer exists> 2008-02-27
Wonderful site, really nice birds. Thanks for adding me to your list.
Posted by: webbacres 2007-04-08
Great pics. and nice birds !!!! Hope 07 is good to you !
Thanx , Ron
Posted by: deal_it_out 2007-02-02
Good job ! Love your picture trail. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Posted by: sunnysidesilkies 2007-01-18
Posted by: peekaboosilkies 2007-01-18
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Posted by: <No longer exists> 2007-01-17
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