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"I'm friend's with the monster, that's under my bed.
Get along with the voice's inside of my head."
Location: Delanson, New York

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Ethanol Leading to a Corn based Bubble
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To funny lol
Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-04-12
lol... how are things ? I'm good getting used
to the new job still. is getting better starting to
enjoy it but don't like unnecessary goofing off sometimes
Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-03-30
Things are getting better at work I'm getting the whole process down everyone has made me feel welcome weather is cool and then warm .just typical Texas weather take care enjoy your st patty's day
Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-03-16
hi ! things at the new job are getting better. I am feeling more comfortable and getting to know the new people around me. still alot of joking at times. but I guess that just is how they are. hope things are well for you

enjoy your weekend !
Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-03-14
right now to start I am making about $9.50 and it could go up from there
Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-03-12
Hi ! Just wanted to update you. I am on my 2nd day @ a new job. Working for Conns Appliance warehouse as dispatcher in deliveries. My 1st impression yesterday, after spending a full day. Total playground. Everyone goofing off. There is no structure and the guy in charge does not really encourage everyone to be more serious. I thought to myself, "how am I going to adjust to this place"? The main girl that was supposed to be there called in sick. So, they called in a girl that was off to come in for a few hours. After she left I just pretty much sat there with no guidance and talked to the other girls in the other departments that came and talked to me. I am trying to remain positive. I got this job through a staffing agency and I don't want to them let them down. After all that had faith enough in me to contact me.
Will give it more time and see how it goes from there.

Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-03-12
Hi! just thought I would stop by. Here browsing jobs online and needed a break. Things have happened such as call backs for job openings. But, the 2nd follow up is slow. Hope all is well there and everything else around me is just fine. Money wise I am good. Received 401K money and for that I was taxed $400. But, I am so grateful for the money and I Got my income tax also.
Gotta go to the Workforce Commission Monday for 2 hrs..is mandatory for state food benefits I am receiving.
Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend !
do you have a instant messenger account anywhere?
let me know I have yahoo,msn and on that bearshare music I mentioned to you before. let me know
Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-03-01
not able to see the most recent video
it's got a block on it per copyright
and blocked in our country ;(
Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-01-22
Right wish we lived closer
it would be a blast for sure
Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-01-16
Lol.... that's funny I have not been bowling
in a long time
Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-01-15
lol.. If I could send you some sun, I would for sure.
I'm so glad I know you and things are the same here
just got off of work.. have 4 days off now
I worked through the holiday
glad it's over for another year.. I feel bad for everyone (including all animals) that are being affected by the weather up north and on the east coast where it is headed.. thinking of you !!!!
Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-01-03

Hoping you enjoy the holidays no matter what you do.. getting ready for work now have off on Friday
have a wonderful evening
Posted by: metal-maiden 2013-12-25
i really like the last photo.. so pretty and it's at night
that's a keeper for sure
Posted by: metal-maiden 2013-12-18
buried in the snow...bbrrr... it's cold here.. but, far from it snowing like that or at all for that matter..
Posted by: metal-maiden 2013-12-16
lol..that's funny...
Posted by: sagothica210 2013-12-16
(should have been a smiley face)
Posted by: metal-maiden 2013-12-10
excellent win for you !
things here are alot colder and it has freezed a day or 2 slightly warmer the days ahead. Will be working for the holiday. I like the colder weather over the heat.. Stay warm and keep on racing 😁
Posted by: metal-maiden 2013-12-10
Funny funny here at work on last break
Be home soon hope all is good
Posted by: metal-maiden 2013-11-30
lol.... to funny !!!!!!!!!! I needed that
Posted by: metal-maiden 2013-11-06
things here are the same.. wishing the cooler weather would stay around.. Would like to get back down to the beach before the end of the year..

Hope you have a wonderful weekend
Posted by: metal-maiden 2013-10-03
things here are pretty much the same
the weather is cooler here also
I need to see about making a new video of something
just been downloading music/movies lately
take care and enjoy your week
Posted by: sagothica210 2013-09-30
lol.. o no...that is funny.. real funny..
Posted by: sagothica210 2013-09-21
things are good here.. watching the hurricane in our area.. unsure what effect it will have on workwise and homewise..we'll see. gotta work tonight switched my nights..got Thursday night off instead.. at least I got my 2nd day/night off.. take care :)
Posted by: metal-maiden 2013-09-16

Posted by: metal-maiden 2013-09-16
lol.. i would have enjoyed being there as well
pretty cool.. for sure

enjoy your weekend
Posted by: sagothica210 2013-09-13
to funny...lol..
Posted by: sagothica210 2013-09-09
o boy.. a little sore indeed.. I'd imagine.. flip flip flip
Posted by: sagothica210 2013-09-02
things are good personally
work busy learning a new dispatch software
and the phone system that goes with it.
been there 8 years today..
looking for a good bonus.. wanna get the windows
tinted on the car.. take care
Posted by: sagothica210 2013-08-26
i love flowers of any kind.. simply gorgeous
Posted by: sagothica210 2013-08-20
I totally agree.. never seen a version like that before.
I love it !
Posted by: metal-maiden 2013-08-16
wow....even got me singing along..
I could replay that over and over again !
Posted by: metal-maiden 2013-08-16
very nice photos...
Posted by: sagothica210 2013-08-15
Lol... to funny
Posted by: sagothica210 2013-08-13
Me too..I like the other sites too.
Thanks for info on fileden
Posted by: sagothica210 2013-08-06
love the guitar too !
Posted by: metal-maiden 2013-08-04
loved the video..
Posted by: metal-maiden 2013-08-04
i have not gone fishing in quite some time
and I checked out the pictures, like the train
it would make Robert feel right at home
that's what he does all week... maintenance
for the Northern Pacific
Posted by: sagothica210 2013-08-03
sure thing...
yeah.. not sure what is up with fileden and I did also enjoy it...I will always share ! that's what friends are for..
do you keep & eat your catches?
Posted by: sagothica210 2013-08-02
right.. see what they're missing me also !
well the player is the mini player


and well it is a matter of locating mp3 url
I have been finding them from ( downloads.nl )
after looking for (music) or http://mp3skull.com
for embedded songs and for download.. I am still searching for other sites all the time.. I could still use the other mp3 player.. but, just using something different..
Posted by: sagothica210 2013-08-02
video is breath taking..
it would be nice to visit & experience it as an adult
I have found other ways to locate and create music
on my page(s).. yeah, me either don't know what the issue is with fileden.. the music will still be played.. with or without them :) !!!!!!!!!!! have a great night !
Posted by: sagothica210 2013-07-29

i'll be working on the 4th,
suggested little luncheon/dinner at work
thought picnic foods were a good idea
no one has to cook.. got my time off coming up
at the end of the month
got a little rain the other day has dropped the 100
temp for now.. not so humid.. good luck on the fishing..

enjoy your night
Posted by: sagothica210 2013-07-02
it is indeed warm already
I spend most of my time inside of
course during the day
weather people are predicting rain
it appears for a couple of days
we'll see how much.. I will work the 4th
get paid double pay :)
enjoy your weekend
Posted by: sagothica210 2013-06-29
hi !
things here are good
weather is still warm and will be getting warmer
will take some more time off at the end of july
for my yearly birthday vacation
unsure if we will go anywhere..
maybe a quick drive down to the beach
in the car and stay overnight
wish things with the job were better for you
and I'm certain you wish the same..
wishing you safe week..
holla when ya can..
take care
Posted by: sagothica210 2013-06-24
Here at work playing supervisor
Warm temps here no rain
Looking forward to more time off
for b-day in july enjoy your night
I'll be headed home soon
Posted by: sagothica210 2013-06-20
hi ! here getting ready to return to work
watching the spurs/miami game on ESPN
damn, the time goes by so quick
sorry to hear about your job issues
I do hope of course things to out
good for you..
will be headed out the door soon..
try to enjoy your night
Posted by: sagothica210 2013-06-11
hey ! cute cartoon
well my days off been doing
nothing really and loving every minute
get a few days with my man when
he gets back into town Friday Night..
you enjoy your weekend also
Posted by: sagothica210 2013-06-06
lol.. to funny !
cheers !
I am enjoying my time off from work
i'm alone listening to music
watching videos/tv online
and talking to the cats from time to time !!
lol...hope you are enjoying your evening
Posted by: sagothica210 2013-06-05
hi ! I'm enjoying the night
how are you?
o and by the way Arlington is North of me
I would say a couple of hours away..
Hope all is well on that side or getting better
after the recent rain.. Things here are drying out
Thinking of the people in Oklahoma everyday.

Posted by: sagothica210 2013-06-03
hi ! well tonight is my last night and then finally get
some time off.. say about 9 days..i have been so much, I took a early vacation and then have my yearly birthday vacation in july.. not going anywhere really. need to clean the carpet.. with the massive amount of rain we had last week. carpet in living room by the door and in my bedroom half way across the floor got wet with flooding rain... just the carpet got wet. been missing apt maintenance.. just don't come over when I am awake. so I notified them this morning I would pay to clean the carpet and will give the receipt just to show the carpet was shampooed.. other that than, gonna just chill at home with the cats and the man when he is not out of town.. always wishing and wanting the very best for you ! take care and enjoy your weekend
Posted by: sagothica210 2013-05-31
Hi ! things are good. it has been really warm lately.
I stay inside most of the time.
got extra 12 hrs of
dispatching this coming week. Looking forward
to time off in June. Enjoy the rest of your weekend
Posted by: sagothica210 2013-05-18
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