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Location: Delanson, New York

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hi ! glad that all is well for you and with the new job.. things for me are going well also.. 1 of the guys that is in the traffic dept at work is going to leave to go work for one his buddies kind of doing the same thing.. I am taking over some of this responsibilities as I continue my journey in learning more about steel and how all that goes into constructing it and what makes 1 grade stronger than the other.. got become more familiar with the cities within the state of texas that we deliver to as I will be routing the deliveries at some point in the future.. also learning about the weight of the steel to determine freight costs to get it delivered the customer. I am a sponge for information right now and I am so excited for this new opportunity..

take care and keep smiling :)
Posted by: sagothica210 2015-05-02
I had to watch it twice.. lol.....
Posted by: sagothica210 2015-04-25
very cool..
Posted by: sagothica210 2015-04-25
very cool.. did you see that the post
on Google of my new car ?
Posted by: sagothica210 2015-04-18
very cool looking car
Posted by: sagothica210 2015-04-18
2 funny ! hi :) hope all is well I am home from work
and just chillin now ..things are great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by: sagothica210 2015-04-02
Hi. Things r great at work. It's been in the 30's all day with rain. Just been inside watching TV and playing with the cats. Glad all is well with u. Have great night

Glad the job is going well for you !
Posted by: sagothica210 2015-02-28
Hi !
I know the weather for the North is something else
I have been watching the weather close
we have had 70 to 80 degree temps
supposed to get somewhat cooler again
with minimal rain chances
all is just great
we got the rodeo in town started today
ends march 12 been many times
think I miss it this year
glad to know things are going good for you
with the exception of the cold/snow I do hope it passes
soon and warmer temps are felt soon
take care.. and do hope you enjoy your weekend
Posted by: sagothica210 2015-02-13
hhmm racing on the ice.. looks interesting. all is well here. been watching and hearing the news regarding the weather up there.. will be thinking of you and do hope it does past quickly.. here getting ready for work stay safe & stay warm..
Posted by: sagothica210 2015-01-26
lol.. I like the cold more than the heat
weather here has been just that, cold with slight misty
rain for the last couple of days
yesterday the sun finally came out
things are going well and do hope all is well
with you getting ready for work now
they changed my schedule from 3:00am tue-fri
and 6am-5pm on mon.. this company runs 24 hrs
I love it... will talk again soon
Posted by: sagothica210 2015-01-15
Cow cheek * it tastes
Posted by: sagothica210 2015-01-11
Good morning
It's wet and cold here
It's time for breakfast
Making barbacoa (cow check) been cooking over
night enjoy your day
Posted by: sagothica210 2015-01-11

here we go again to another year
things here are good. certainly glad we are
over with this year end chaos and get back to the
normal routine..

new year ! new money !
take care
certainly glad I know you !!

Posted by: sagothica210 2015-01-01
to funny
things are going good at the new job
for the week I have been working on
dispatch & rate confirmation so the contract drivers get paid and learning about the different carriers
that deliver there are about 20 in the fleet
next week gonna start learning about the
system that stores the orders and learn how freight is charged based on how many lbs of product is carried and delivered all through out the state of Texas
it is really awesome and so far no complaints about the individuals that I work. they are really professional and focused on trying to keep up with the demands of the product and getting it delivered ..

Posted by: sagothica210 2014-10-30
I understand
I owe alot to the staffing agency that I work for
they referred to me this job it's Monday-Friday
8-5 starting pay is $12.00 gotta be there at 7:30
on Monday. I'm excited. it will be a change for me to
work during business hours. it is worth it. I miss the time that Robert and I have in the past to go out of town. that will be an option again for us so that was
also the reason I decided to work somewhere else
I miss those beach days/nights
Posted by: sagothica210 2014-10-26
I changed jobs also
The floor support was
lacking where I was so
I found another job start
tomorrow, gonna learn
about steel industry got
hired as dispatcher at
a local steel company
I'll keep you updated

Posted by: sagothica210 2014-10-26
hi ! so far so good
will begin the 3rd week of training
on Monday it is alot of new information to absorb
regarding computers I think I'm getting it
it is a challenge for sure but, I'm ready and willing
to give it my best shot and will forfeit if I decide I can't
do it anymore updated my resume and I'm still out there looking at other possibilities just in case.
still hot here of course. hoping cooler weather is coming soon. ready for the hot summer days to be over. take care
Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-09-07
my pleasure..
hope you are having a great day :)
I am !
Posted by: sagothica210 2014-08-23
hey came across another site for music/videos
you can create a playlist of music videos
for profile music ☺


seems to be pretty popular

Posted by: sagothica210 2014-08-23
hi ! hope things are well for you of course
just wanted to update you on a great change for me
I start training Monday the 25th for a new job
I got hired for AT&T tech support Tier 1 customer service I am so exited starting pay is $11.00 with the potential for advancement incentives and more pay paid training for 3 weeks the weather is hot as can be I'm so ready for the cooler weather possible rain coming in the next week we could use it. reach out when you can take care
Posted by: sagothica210 2014-08-21
what a hilarious video !!!

Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-06-25
so beautiful, I close my eyes and imagine I can feel
the wind on my skin and can smell the air..
I would love to be there
Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-06-23
wish I was there
looks like hella fun

love the little waterfall very pretty
Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-06-21
totally awesome !
Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-06-19
the one that always gets away
in my case..lol.. it would be many that gets
Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-06-06
I have not been fishing in a long time

Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-06-06

Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-05-25
wow... that's really scary
so glad you are ok..
got hired fulltime with the company
boss is gonna meet with lady from the staffing
agency today.. take care and we'll chat soon
Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-05-23
lol...to funny
Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-05-14
watched video getting ready for work
very pretty
Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-05-12
very nice
I'm here at work right now
kinda of quiet
more noise with the rain outside
looks like it is clearing out
be home after 9:00
Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-05-09
cool looking car .. wish I was there
looking for rain on Thursday
been sick . last 2 weeks allergies
and then a cold in 90 degree weather, *sighs*
still have a slight cough and congestion
I think my work environment has
also attributed to me getting sick
alot of 2nd hand smoke in that place
anyways.. have the next 2 days off
gonna get some rest
take care and have a great night

Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-05-05
Very nice cars indeed
Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-05-01
The weather here is already in the 90's lol typical
going through the motions at work will be past the 90 day period in June get paid more money about 1.34 less than what I got at the old job that took me 8 yrs to earn I will keep with the job and will keep my resume posted for anything else that may come along
Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-04-27
That's funny I didnot mean to delete it pressed
by mistake
Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-04-27
enjoy... it looks like rain outside.. doing a little laundry.. and just relaxing myself..
Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-04-20

enjoy your day no matter you do
gonna have some BBQ later
for now here chillin surfing the net
and watching videos cheers!!!!

Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-04-20
To funny lol
Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-04-12
lol... how are things ? I'm good getting used
to the new job still. is getting better starting to
enjoy it but don't like unnecessary goofing off sometimes
Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-03-30
Things are getting better at work I'm getting the whole process down everyone has made me feel welcome weather is cool and then warm .just typical Texas weather take care enjoy your st patty's day
Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-03-16
hi ! things at the new job are getting better. I am feeling more comfortable and getting to know the new people around me. still alot of joking at times. but I guess that just is how they are. hope things are well for you

enjoy your weekend !
Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-03-14
right now to start I am making about $9.50 and it could go up from there
Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-03-12
Hi ! Just wanted to update you. I am on my 2nd day @ a new job. Working for Conns Appliance warehouse as dispatcher in deliveries. My 1st impression yesterday, after spending a full day. Total playground. Everyone goofing off. There is no structure and the guy in charge does not really encourage everyone to be more serious. I thought to myself, "how am I going to adjust to this place"? The main girl that was supposed to be there called in sick. So, they called in a girl that was off to come in for a few hours. After she left I just pretty much sat there with no guidance and talked to the other girls in the other departments that came and talked to me. I am trying to remain positive. I got this job through a staffing agency and I don't want to them let them down. After all that had faith enough in me to contact me.
Will give it more time and see how it goes from there.

Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-03-12
Hi! just thought I would stop by. Here browsing jobs online and needed a break. Things have happened such as call backs for job openings. But, the 2nd follow up is slow. Hope all is well there and everything else around me is just fine. Money wise I am good. Received 401K money and for that I was taxed $400. But, I am so grateful for the money and I Got my income tax also.
Gotta go to the Workforce Commission Monday for 2 hrs..is mandatory for state food benefits I am receiving.
Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend !
do you have a instant messenger account anywhere?
let me know I have yahoo,msn and on that bearshare music I mentioned to you before. let me know
Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-03-01
not able to see the most recent video
it's got a block on it per copyright
and blocked in our country ;(
Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-01-22
Right wish we lived closer
it would be a blast for sure
Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-01-16
Lol.... that's funny I have not been bowling
in a long time
Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-01-15
lol.. If I could send you some sun, I would for sure.
I'm so glad I know you and things are the same here
just got off of work.. have 4 days off now
I worked through the holiday
glad it's over for another year.. I feel bad for everyone (including all animals) that are being affected by the weather up north and on the east coast where it is headed.. thinking of you !!!!
Posted by: metal-maiden 2014-01-03

Hoping you enjoy the holidays no matter what you do.. getting ready for work now have off on Friday
have a wonderful evening
Posted by: metal-maiden 2013-12-25
i really like the last photo.. so pretty and it's at night
that's a keeper for sure
Posted by: metal-maiden 2013-12-18
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