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29 years old

Location: Chelmsford

Views: 1832

Last Login: 6/7/2015

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  About Me
I will never state a purpose what i like nor dislike to a person, whats makes desirable for me to a human is the true blooded true not only to its self but towards everything.. towards every one...i will never loved a person its just because i love something towards or within it... coz its gave me meaning for me that i was just only being inlove by the idea of love..I will just only love a person coz i know i just love to love.... I wnT 2 meeT sOme1LiK yOu! Some1 hU will RESPECT and LOVE mE GenUineLy wiTh hEarT nD LyF, Some1 hU is wiLliNg 2 WAIT LONG! Some0ne hU will UNDERSTAND mY SiTuAtiOns in LyF.. Some1 hU Cn ACCEPT mY FAMILY!Some1 hU Cn taKe CrueL w0rDs, pUnCheS nD ThreaTs bCoz Of mE nD stiLL STAND By mY SiDe! Some1 who'll neVer LeaVe mE in Thin Air! Some1 hU wilL ALWAYS BE THERE. even not PhysicaLLy but HEART FULLY. Some1 hU will taKe mE in his/Her armS nD ComfOrt mE when I come cying to his/her... Some1 hU is SENSITIVE Enough tO reaLiZe im hUrTing nD that s/he'll do anything jUsT tO cHeer mE Up... Some1 WHO CAN MAKE A PROMISE nD NEVER BREAK IT... Some1 I CAN GIVE MY EVERYTHING without abusing it... Some1 hU will CRY for me.. Some1 who will RIDE and DIE with me. Some1 i Cn LAUGH with nD CRY with. Some1 hU Cn TaKe mY sillyness nD SupEr talkativeness in a cheerful way! Some1 hU Cn say "I LOVE YOU" noT bCoz he/she nEeds tO,or has 2 or rpLy 2 and need somethnG in return, but bCoz oF him/her. 09222411848 or 09086997236

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toink...whee musta kupal
Posted by: naked_eye83 2008-08-23
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Posted by: <No longer exists> 2007-02-08
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