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Connie Tillman
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"What you see, is what you get"
Location: Largo

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Last Login: 12/27/2007


  About Me
I am 52 years old just here looking for friends.

Connie's Interests
Hi, I am Connie:
I am a mother of six, 4 boys, 2 girls, 2 grandchildren,1 due in Feb.. I like to fish, camp, hike, bowling, swimming, reading, horses, flea markets.
Favorite Quote:
What goes around, comes around
TV Shows:
CSI. Without a Trace, Cops, Bog the Bounty Hunter, Whose Line is it Anyway
Favorite Music & Bands:
Uriah Heep, ACDC, Savory Brown, Moody Blues, and the list goes on & on &on
Favorite Movies:
Always, Rain Man, Forest Gump, Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, too many to recall
Favorite People You Know:
all the people I know, are my favorites
Favorite Celebrities:
Tom Hanks, Richard Dreyfus, Tom Cruise, Robert Mitchum, Powers Boothe, Oprah, Dr. Phil also too many to name
Favorite Reads:
Anything by Sue Grafton, Stephen King, Joseph Wambaugh,




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Wishing you a happy, jumping, partying and prosporous New Year.
Posted by: jewelrybyannmarie 2006-12-30

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Posted by: mousiejean1 2006-12-18
Posted by: holidays12 2006-12-18

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Posted by: sierrascreations 2006-12-17
Sorry I've been out of touch so long, but I'm back and wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas!
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Posted by: fmw1 2006-12-15
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Hello Happy gal! Have a rockening Holliday! Sierra
Posted by: sierrascreations 2006-12-13
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Posted by: mousiejean1 2006-12-04
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Posted by: holidays12 2006-12-04
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Are you getting ready for Santa? Big Waves from Arizona SIerra
Posted by: sierrascreations 2006-11-30
There has been an update on my Blog about new recipes.
Posted by: holidays12 2006-11-27
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Posted by: holidays12 2006-11-23
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Posted by: mousiejean1 2006-11-23

thank you for your nice words, Eat lots and lots of pie and
have a super day! Big Waves from Arizona Sierra
Posted by: sierrascreations 2006-11-22
Hope you have many things for which to be thankful!

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Posted by: fmw1 2006-11-21
Connie, glad to add you to my friends list. Welcome aboard!
Posted by: fmw1 2006-11-20
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Posted by: <No longer exists> 2006-11-14
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