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I am a tiny wooden doll named Hitty Lotzalove Sevashteen.

I live with Andrew in San Francisco. I love to travel. And because I need someone to transport my wardrobe and photograph my adventures, I allow Andrew to tag along.

To learn about my pre-Andrew adventures, please read the Newbery Award winning book "Hitty, Her First Hundred Years," by Rachel Field.  

NEW! Galápagos Gal
38 photos - Hitty follows in Darwin's footsteps, exploring the Galápagos Islands
Hitty World Traveler
44 photos - A small wooden doll travels the globe; Highlights from the travels featured in the albums below
Hitty's Easter Preparations
10 photos - Hitty celebrates with finery and fun!
Hitty's Easter Egg Hunt
6 photos -
Hitty's Wardrobe for Special Days
41 photos - Hitty models her costumes for special events and holidays.
Hitty Under the Tuscan Sun
51 photos - Hitty visits an Italian farmhouse, and explores the surrounding region
More Tuscan Sun
67 photos - Hitty revisits Tuscany and learns that there is always more to see!
Hitty's Little Italy
29 photos - Hitty travels to Venice, Rome, and the Amalfi Coast
An American Doll in Paris
61 photos - This album is a work in progress, as our stay here is still unfolding.
The Great Doll of China; Hitty in Beijing
46 photos - Hitty explores the Chinese capitol formerly known as Peking, with a side trip to the Great Wall
Wooden it be Loverly? Hitty in London
25 photos - Memoirs of a London Doll, with day-trips to Oxford, Stonehenge, and more!
Hitty O'Sevashteen on the Emerald Isle
36 photos - Hitty takes a scenic tour of Ireland and rediscovers her Irish Mountain Ash roots
Hitty in Brittany and Normandy
8 photos - Hitty visits the the French coastal region that is home to her dear friend Becassine
Hitty in the Loire Valley
46 photos - Queen Mehitabel XVII tours the chateaux of French royalty
Hitty in Vienna
35 photos - Hitty visits Austria where she explores this musical city, cruises on the Danube, and more!
Doll-Re-Mi ~ Hitty in Salzburg
28 photos - Follow in the footsteps of Sound of Music's family Von Trapp while exploring Mozart's hometown
Hitty: A Brussels Sprout
4 photos - Hitty visits the capitol of Belgium
Hitty Goes Hawaiian
29 photos - Hitty visits the South Pacific, meets sea turtles, and learns to hula!
Tahiti Tahitty
22 photos - Hitty goes on a tropical "seafari" through French Polynesia
Hitty Down Under
33 photos - Hitty travels to Australia, where she meets a koala and flies a seaplane!
Hitty in Tokyo
11 photos - Hitty travels to the 2001 "Raggedy Ann & Andy Festival in Japan."
Autumn in the Hudson Valley
17 photos - Hitty visits a scenic and historic region of New York State, including legendary Sleepy Hollow ... just in time for Halloween!
Happy Trails... Hitty in Texas
24 photos - Hitty does Dallas... and Fort Worth, too!
Hitty in Colonial Williamsburg
19 photos - A Yankee doll rediscovers America's early days in historic Virginia
Hitty in Bangkok
24 photos - First in a series of Southeast Asian albums: Adventures in Thailand
Hitty in Cambodia
21 photos - 2nd in a series of Southeast Asian albums: Hitty explores ancient Angkor Wat and more!
Hitty in Vietnam
29 photos - 3rd in a series of Southeast Asian albums: Hitty tours Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta
Hitty on the Isle of Borneo
20 photos - 4th in a series of Southeast Asian albums: Hitty travels to Malaysia and Brunei
Singapore Girl Hitty
15 photos - 5th and final in a series of Southeast Asian Albums
New York City Hitty
10 photos - Hitty explores modern-day Manhattan
Viva Las Vegas!
25 photos - What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas... and all over the Internet!
Hitty's Home on the Range
33 photos - Hitty travels to Jackson Hole, Wyoming ... with a side trip to Idaho
Hitty in the Canadian Rockies
15 photos - Hitty makes two visits to British Columbia; summertime and wintertime.
Roadtrip to the Valley of the Dolls
25 photos - Hitty travels north by motor car to a doll conference in Oregon
Hitty in Quebec City
8 photos -
Hitty Goes Sailing
12 photos - A breezy day on San Francisco Bay
A Visit From Bécassine
10 photos - Hitty's dear old friend comes all the way from France for a visit.
Bonkers About Bécassine!
17 photos - Visit with Hitty as she compares Andrew's collection (unfavorably) to her own
Hitty on Alcatraz
11 photos - The amazing Bird-Doll of Alcatraz does hard time on "The Rock."
Napa Valley Wine Country
8 photos - Join Hitty on a weekend get-away in Northern California
Wearin' of the Green
10 photos - A look back at Hitty's St. Patrick's Day portraits through the years
The Golden Mushroom, A St. Patrick's Day adventure
6 photos - Will Hitty find the Leprechauns' hidden gold?
Mushroom Madness!
14 photos - Hitty Goes Dotty: A Cautionary Tale For Collectors
In Which Hitty Stalks the Wild Mushroom
26 photos - Rainy weather brings new friends to the woods near Hitty's house.
Mushrooms in the Mail
4 photos - Homemade presents are the best presents!
Yankee Doodle Dolly
4 photos - Being "a rare bit of Americana", Hitty loves the stars & stripes!
Hitty in the Forest of the Fauns
12 photos - WARNING! This album depicts DOLL NUDITY!
BOO! Happy Hittyween
18 photos - Hitty models her Halloween costumes
Peg O' My Heart
18 photos - Valentine's Day with America's Sweetheart
Crate, Sweet Crate
28 photos - A tour of Hitty Sevashteen's home
A Doll's Dolls
23 photos - Hitty loves her doll collection.
Gardening with Hitty
7 photos - Pruning and planting are hard work, but flowers are the reward!
Hitty Meets Sis
11 photos - Buddy's sister Marcella arrives in town
Princess Hitty and the Frog
5 photos - Can a kiss really work magic?
San Francisco Sunrises
29 photos - The ever changing view from Hitty's window sill.
This 'n' That
46 photos -
Miss Hickory
11 photos - A little wooden doll with a nut for a head gets a wonderful winter wardrobe
Hitty's Pets
9 photos - Hitty takes good care of her animal friends
Hitty's Merry Little Christmas
13 photos - Hitty decks the halls and celebrates with her favorite holiday traditions
Hitty, Her First Ten Years with Andrew
10 photos - I arrived in San Francisco on August 21, 1999
Hitty's Christmas 2008
8 photos - What would the season be without gifts or sugar?!
My Birthday Celebration
13 photos - It has already been nine years since I arrived in Andrew's mailbox!
Hitty's Yard Sale
10 photos - Time for these things to find new homes
COMING SOON! Shanghai Li'l - 42 Photos
A li'l dolly gets Shanghaied... and taken to Hong Kong and Macau, too!
My Dinner with Andre w
6 photos - A typical evening chez Hitty
Hitty's Cook-Out
4 photos - Hitty has a backyard barbecue with a movie star as Guest of Honor!
Miracle Chicken - 9 Photos
Little Lulu
12 photos - Are you a Lulu fan? So are Buddy & Sis.
Hitty in the Cinque Terre - 17 Photos
Coming Soon!