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Come Visit The Highlands

Built in 1760, The Highlands has been our home since February 2002. I originally put together these albums to show family and friends our new home,but as strange things began to happen someone suggested I begin to document them. As more things began to occur I decided they were right and I began to save The Highlands' Hauntings here. I've also used these albums as a place to share pictures of my adventures doing an infomercial for Winsor Pilates. Visit Frequently, as I'll be adding many new pictures of The Highlands, the infomercial and updates on the hauntings soon... 
The Highlands circa 1760
14 photos - Historical Highlights
The Highlands in 2002
47 photos - Current Photos & Notable Historical Features
The Roll Top Desk
5 photos - Ghost Story 1: Mystery or Mind-over-matter?
UnExplained Experiences (newly UPDATED in 2004)
11 photos - 10 ADDITIONAL ghost stories we've witnessed
The Photographic Findings ( newly updated in 2004)
7 photos - Ghost Story 2: Apparitions or Delusions?
The House Guests
5 photos - Ghost Story 3: Visitors or Visions?
The Fever...?
5 photos - Ghost Story 4: Oct. 2, 1827...Oct. 2, 2002 (NEW update for Oct 2, 2003)
The Apparition...
3 photos - Ghost Story 5: Another Photo Phenomenon (including original artwork)
The Chosen Ones
4 photos - Ghost Stories 6-7: How The House Found Us...& The Child In The Window
The Birthday Party
9 photos - Ghost Story 8: Are these Orbs captured in party pictures?
The Letter (NEW)
6 photos - Ghost Story 9: my Aunt tells me family ghost stories 6 years after she dies...
The Writing On The Wall (NEW)
6 photos - Ghost Story 10: A mysterious message or merely mildew?
The Tobacco Barn (NEW)
28 photos - An historic barn in its final seasons, the final fire & my award winning photo
The Graveyard
8 photos - The Family Cemetery For The Original Descendants Of The Highlands...
The Orbs (NEW)
11 photos - My camera captures Orbs at a friend's father's grave
The Holidays At The Highlands in 2007
56 photos - Merry Christmas And Happy New Year
The Highland Holidays (NEW)
51 photos - Home For The Holidays...Christmas 2004...and a chance to hear me sing a little for you
The Highland Ham (NEW)
29 photos - My 3 Year Old Son's Self Portraits
The Highland Hens (NEW)
55 photos - meet the NEW ADDITIONS to our family
The Highland Hounds (NEW)
33 photos - in the Fall of 2004 Scooby Doo joins our family
The Hurricane (NEW)
56 photos - Isabel Visits The Highlands In September 2003
The Seasons Of The Highlands (UPDATED)
35 photos - Spring, Summer, Winter & Fall on the Grounds of The Highlands
Winter At The Highlands
26 photos - From our first Snowfall to the Blizzard of 2003...
Christmas At The Highlands (UPDATED)
35 photos - Christmas in 2002 & 2003...The Decorations & The Playroom Reorganized
The Highland's Gardens (NEW)
20 photos - Spring 2005 with professional landscaping
The Highlands' Snow Storm
37 photos - 12 inches blanket The Highlands in February 2006
The Highland Health Nut
49 photos - Passionate About Pilates...My Success Story, Thanks to Mari Winsor
The Highland Hollywood Star
83 photos - well...maybe not a star, but enjoying my 15 minutes of fame while it lasts
Hollywood Visits The Highlands (NEW)
36 photos - In June 2005 Winsor Pilates sent a crew to the Highlands & to tape Lauren Singing
The Highland's Highlights (NEW)
27 photos - See stills of Lauren Sue's National Anthem footage & hear 30 seconds
The Highlands Returns To Hollywood PART I
45 photos - (ALL NEW) Day 1 & Location Photos from Lauren Sue's second trip to Hollywood
The Highlands Returns To Hollywood PART II
42 photos - (ALL NEW) Lauren Sue on the set with Mari Winsor & Daisy Fuentes and much, much more
The Highlands Returns To Hollywood PART III
48 photos - (ALL NEW) Goofing Around in a Winsor Wonderland...more fun during filming
Looking Good Now
35 photos - Some images from my photo shoot for Looking Good Now Magazine, taken in Dec 2005
Looking Good Now Experience
78 photos - My photo shoot in Florida for the June 2006 cover of Looking Good Now magazine
The New Addition - 53 Photos
Stay Tuned...
The New Addition Part 2 - 46 Photos
Couldn't fit it all in one album...
Nine Months - 17 Photos
The Highlands' Nursery
29 photos - Where the new addition will be sleeping...
The Highlands Hot Spot - 6 Photos
Coming Soon: pictures of Art's new bar in Baltimore
The Highlands 2005 - 22 Photos
I promise, Coming VERY SOON
Ice Storm 2007
59 photos - Valentine's Day and The Highlands looks like Dr. Zhivago's Set....
30 photos - cleaning house...
The Church
27 photos - Smithville United Methodist Church
The Pageant Party
37 photos - our annual Miss. America Party in 2005
The Pageant Party 2008
34 photos - our annual Miss America Party, bigger, better, more embarrassing than ever
The Pageant Party 2009
44 photos - Our Miss America Bash (by bash I mean to criticize harshly)
Under Construction... - 84 Photos
This album is not ready for viewing...check back later
Under Construction 2 - 86 Photos
work in progress...
COMING SOON - 30 Photos
check back later for more updates...
COMING SOON, TOO - 51 Photos