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Welcome to HENHOUSE PRIMITIVES website

Welcome to HENHOUSE PRIMITIVES. Email is henhouseprimitives31@gmail.com or cell at 302-981 7250. Our website is updated with a new album every Tuesday night at 9pm with items for sale at that time. Open by appointment only due to the fact we are constantly traveling to find only the best goods for our customers..... join us every Tues night at 9pm est for the fresh items!!! Next event at the Henhouse will be our Fall From the Farmhouse show happening at Fair Hill fairgrounds as well as at the Henhouse itself on Oct 17th 2015!!! for more info on the show go to www.picturetrail.com/fromthefarmhouse 
Next web update Tuesday July 7th at 8pm est
join me for painted prims and fun antiques!!

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