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Welcome To Susan Billings' Creative Art!

A Triple Certified Art Instructor with decades of art experience, the freedom and ease of learning was such a joy I would like to share these art techniques with you. And even if you have never painted before, after you take my one day classes, you CAN create one like it, too! More info 703) 973 2880 © 2016 by Susan Lee Billings. Do not duplicate anything on this site in any way without written permission. Copyright infringement will be prosecuted.  

Fantasy Faces For You!
Award Winning Face Painting Entertainment to delight your guests at your next party or Event!

54 Photos

Face Painting Classes & Workshops Woodbridge, Va
Beginners & Themed Classes, Intermediate & Private Workshops Available

21 Photos

Painted Feather Jewelry for You & Parrot Rescue
Recycled Gracie's shed feathers by painting Macaw Antics on them!

58 Photos

Pet Portrait, A Tribute To Your Best Friend!
Captured Their Personality Forever In Oil On Canvas!

43 Photos

WildLife In Mixed Media; Acrylic & Oils
The Old Master's Grasille Method brings them to life!

26 Photos

Inspirational Special Effects
Using the Black Canvas Wet-On-Wet Oil Techniques!

23 Photos

Landscapes In Oil
It's wonderful to capture the beauty around you at your leisure or a sunset as fast as it happens!

33 Photos

Fabulous Florals In Oil
This tactile tecnique makes flowers come to life on Canvas!

25 Photos

One Stroke: Neo Classic Double Loading Revived!
Restored Damaged Cabinets, Walls & Recycled Patio furniture!

26 Photos

One Stroke Fun & Beyond In Acrylics!
Decorative peices to match home & patio decor

40 Photos

Fall One Stroke Projects
Delightful Fall Colors on Glass, Metal, Placemats & Pots

11 Photos

One Stroke Winter Projects
Seasonal Designs on Glass, Tin, Soaps & More!

27 Photos

Murals for the birds!
I enhanced the elegant Bird Room with unique designs Sandy suggested ..

12 Photos

Trash To Treasured & Hobby Horse Progressions
Recycle faded toys to become Victorian Carosel Horses & treasured finds!

75 Photos

ReCycle & Update Wardrobe With Fabric Paint!
Create a Hi-End Look On Jeans & Paint Over Stains On Favorites!

28 Photos

Painted Rock Miniatures!
Delightfully detailed, adorable Pet Rocks!

7 Photos

Pastels and Early Velvet Paintings
I've been into Art since I can remember -

6 Photos

Otta This World - Celestial Paintings!
Special FX Fun With Enamel Spray Paint!

27 Photos

Gallery Glass: Dramatic Color Changes With Light!
Create the look of Stained Glass with special FX paint!

23 Photos

Latest Designed & Created Jewelry
made with Freshwater Pearls, Semi-Precious Gemstones & Sterling Silver!

25 Photos

Heirloom Baby Bracelets: Infant to Tween!
SS, Swarovski Crystals, Pearls, & Gemstones!

18 Photos

Genuine Bling For Your Best Friend
When only the very best will do!

4 Photos

Free OS Worksheets
4 Stroke Cardnial soon!

12 Photos

Floral Reference Photos
From my garden & along the way

15 Photos

10-20, 88's!
My Oil Paintings are now Available for sale as I really need more space!

32 Photos

Finally! Grand Childern
ALL Three Sons became Fathers within 1 year! Then Lydia came 12/3/08!

18 Photos

Special Pets
Precious, spoiled, yet well-behaved companions

58 Photos

Bob Ross International Instructor's Reunion
CRI's around the wold get together for fun events & Instructor classes to learn new painting & teaching techniques!

11 Photos

Spring & Fall Art & Craft Show Occoquan, Virginia
My Paintings were shown & sold in PWAS booth and took First Place Ribbons at the PWC Fair!

34 Photos

So many ways to Save! Link to my Column Articles
Life on a shoestring budget!

6 Photos

Motorcycle Jackets for Sale: One of a Kind!
Get them now before they are gone ...

13 Photos
For Pet Owners Who Have Commissioned Portraits
Watch Your Portrait In Progress

61 Photos
For My Students: Progress of 3x4' Pet Portrait

43 Photos
For My Students: PBO

49 Photos