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Frieda's Art Adventures

Welcome to my Albums. I am a quilt artist living in the Scottish Borders. My work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally and won many awards. Although I mainly work in fabric I have recently entered the world of Artist Trading Cards, Mixed Media etc. and enjoying every minute of it! You can find out more about my every day art making by checking out my blog on http://friedaquilter.blogspot.com If you liked your visit to my site, let me know by leaving a message! Happy arting! Frieda Oxenham 

Frieda Personal Info
Some info about me

14 Photos

Journal Quilts 2016
Made for the journal quilt challenge on the Contemporary Quilt Group.

5 Photos

Journal Quilts 2015
All journal quilts this year will be based on words and sized 6 x 12"

12 Photos

Journal Quilts 2014

24 Photos

Journal Quilts 2013

29 Photos

52 Journals 2012
I aim to make 52 journal quilts this year, one for each week of the year

52 Photos

Journal Quilts 2011

12 Photos

Journal Quilts 2009

12 Photos

Journal Quilts 2008

13 Photos

Journal Quilts 2007

14 Photos

Journal Quilts 2006

10 Photos

Journal Quilts 2005

10 Photos

Journal Quilts 2004
My contribution to the 2004 Journal Quilt project

10 Photos

colour - quilts - collage
Solo Exhibition, Peebles, 23rd April - 28th May

15 Photos


57 Photos

Stolen together with 4 other quilts from large box probably from the townhall of Luserna S. Giovanni, near Turin, Italy sometime in the week before the 12th Feb. 2006

8 Photos

100 ATCs 51-100
The second half of my 100 ATC project

50 Photos

100 ATCs 1 - 50
A new project started on 25.5.06. The first 50

49 Photos

Artist Trading Cards (ATC's).
Made for various swaps

35 Photos

Mixed Media Quilts
Mixture of fabric, paper and collage art

39 Photos

Fabric Postcards

34 Photos