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My Online Stitching Album

Hello. Welcome to my stitching albums. I also am interested in quilting and penny rugs as well as other forms of needlework. You can also see some examples of my mini collages. Please feel free to also visit my online stitching journal where you can see more of my work: http://www.danitorres.typepad.com/peacockfeather 

2013 Finishes - Needlework

3 Photos

These are the current cross stitch projects I am working on.

7 Photos

2012 Finishes - Needlework

4 Photos

February Designs

2 Photos

2011 Finishes - Needlework

9 Photos

Shepherd's Bush Sheep

5 Photos

2010 Finishes - Needlework

30 Photos

Prairie Schooler

1 Photos

2009 Finishes - Needlework

4 Photos

CHS - Hawk Run Hollow Designs
My progress on both "The Houses of Hawk Run Hollow" and "The Village of Hawk Run Hollow"

9 Photos

2008 Finishes - Needlework

6 Photos

Exchanges/Gifts - Needlework
Needlework smalls that I received in exchanges and as gifts.

55 Photos

2007 Finishes - Needlework

17 Photos

Exchanges/Gifts - Needlework Part II

18 Photos

2006 Finishes - Needlework

46 Photos

Round Robins - Needlework

6 Photos

2005 Finishes - Needlework

46 Photos

Stitched Christmas Ornaments
These are stitched ornaments that I have made and given as gifts (or in rare instances kept for myself) or received.

1 Photos

2004 Finishes - Needlework

9 Photos

These are projects that I have set aside and am not currently stitching on. Yes, there are a lot of them!

34 Photos

2003 Finishes - Needlework

20 Photos

ATCs 2003
This album contains Artist Trading Cards I have exchanged with others.

39 Photos

Earlier Finishes - Needlework

9 Photos

ATCs 2004
More Artist Trading Cards

54 Photos

Quilts and Penny Rugs

2 Photos

More ATCs 2004

20 Photos