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Photos of family,friends,animals,The Enchanted Attic Studio and Office,Merchandise sold on website -- http://barbspencerdolls.com -- Miscellaneous.

Cool Slideshows
Animals (4-legged family members
13 photos - My pets
Miniatures & Small Items
23 photos - Items for dollhouses, accessories for dolls, figurines...
Vintage & New Jewelry
16 photos - Jewelry for big girls, not dolls. Although, some could be used for parts.
Products sold at http://barbspencerdolls.com
40 photos - Grouping of Products
New and Vintage Lace; Handkerchiefs & More
32 photos - New and Vintage Lace, Handkerchiefs, Table Runners, Doilies, Appliques, MORE
Family Photos
58 photos - Photos of family members
Doll Hair
30 photos - Mohair, Roving and More
My Studio, Office & Family Photos
41 photos - My First Album
Dolls for sale
40 photos - Dolls by Barb Spencer
Patterns and Books
60 photos - Doll Patterns, Books of Doll Faces
Customer's Usage of my products
34 photos - Photos sent to me by customers who have used my products
22 photos - Miniatures
29 photos - Good friends
Vintage Items for sale
30 photos - Miscellaneous vintage items
Rose O'Neill's Bonniebrook
18 photos - Bonniebrook and Rose O'Neill's Kewpies