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CABIN CREEK 1812...To place an order please email us at cabincreek1812@hotmail.com...thank you for visiting!!! Please visit us and give us a like on facebook at Cabin Creek 1812 where we have much more to offer!


Cabin Smokers
Our Cabin Smokers will now be a series, we will release a new series 3-4 times a year...Start your collection today!

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Goods Available by Order
All Goods are made by us and finished in our "Early Look". We are now offering two early finishes to any of our Goods..."early dry" or "early". Please specify when ordering. Also keep in mind if you do not see what you are lo

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Our HomeStead

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Cabin Creek 1812 Goods
Goods available to order

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Early Goods
Goods available to purchase & ready to ship out

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Homesteaders On The Prairie 2014
Arthur, IL

8 Photos

Simple Goods 2014
Mansfield, OH

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We will be vending at these wonderful shows

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Days of the Pioneer 2014
Museum of Appalachia...Clinton, TN

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Ordering Information
Place an order for our Goods or Contact us

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