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Blanchet Paints, Mt Vernon, Oregon

Contact Sara 208-559-3845 or skipastar50@yahoo.com

Click on the Horse's NAME or PICTURE for more information.

Please feel free to make an offer on any horse you are interested in.

Pedigrees can be seen at www.allbreedpedigree.com just search the horse's name. 

Fleet Lacey
2008 Sorrel Overo Filly

12 Photos

Diamonds Sugar Fancy
2006 Palomino Overo Filly

36 Photos

Coasters Sweet Jewel
Bay Tobiano Mare

7 Photos

Sheza Golden Melody
2001 Buckskin Overo Mare

15 Photos

Diamonds Sugar Ruby- Leased Out
2002 Sorrel Overo Mare

16 Photos

Diamonds Sugar Gold - Leased Out
2006 Palomino Overo Filly

18 Photos

Sizzlin Haley - SOLD
1994 Palomino APHA Mare

17 Photos

Coasters Sizzlin Jean -SOLD
2008 Palomino Tobiano Filly

10 Photos

Fleet Robin Boy - Sold
2006 Palomino Overo Gelding

14 Photos

Fleet N Gold Bud Dee- Sold
2006 Palomino Overo Stallion

13 Photos

Sheza Amber Light - SOLD
2002 Palomino AQHA Mare

5 Photos

Diamond Rascal - SOLD
2007 Sorrel Overo Gelding

6 Photos

Skipa Golden Star - SOLD
2003 Palomino Tobiano Stallion

9 Photos

Shez Crystal Light - Not Available
1985 AQHA Mare- Kids Horse

6 Photos

TJS Golden Bar -SOLD
1999 Palomino APHA Mare

5 Photos

Misc. Pictures

23 Photos