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Behind My Red Door

Welcome to Behind My Red Door My Red Door is always open for a friend. I always say this is not my dream home but the home where our dreams come true. I have been decorating this way for many years and many of my pieces I have had for a long time but I continue to add new to me antiques as I can. My wonderful hubby doesn't happen to share my love for painted surfaces or old things so our home is a compromise. As such, it is always a work in progress. This summer we replaced our windows and I finished painting the woodwork and more changes are on the way. I hope that you enjoy a peek at our 'primitive & colonial inspired' home! To see my updated pictures, visit my open to the public FB page at https://www.facebook.com/BehindMyRedDoor. Prim blessings and hugs, Linda 

Home Sweet Home 2015
Snippets from around the house

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Mural by Susan Dwyer
additional views of my mural

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Kitchen March 2014

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My Blog and My Friends
Links to other great sites and friends!

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