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Heirloom Re-born Double take Dolls NEVER WILL BE DUPLICATED and Always ONE of a Kind. Made especially for You from my heart and GOD given talent

Hello and Thank you for visiting my page 😇 PLEASE NOTE:I receive many emails regarding my prices, so to answer that question, double take (look a like) reborn start at $450 & 200 up depending on your real babies features, i.e,The amount of mohair I would have to root, Glass eyes VS acrylic eyes etc. Hopefully, this answers most of the pricing questions as I receive so many emails asking these questions. I hope this helps! 💕 NEW EMAIL ADDRESS TO REACH ME FOR CUSTOM MADE REBORNS PLS NOTE: NEW EMAIL: littletisme3@gmail.com Contact # 843-283-9720 I HOPE YOU ALL WILL CONTINUE TO CALL ON ME AND TRUST IN MY WORK AND GOD GIVEN TALENT AND SKILLS TO CREATE THESE ADORABLE BABIES FOR YOU OR YOUR LOVE ONES. MY PRICES ARE MUCH LOWER THAN WHAT YOU WILL FIND ON THE AUCTION SITES, THAT I CAN PROMISE YOU. MY GOAL IS TO MAKE YOU HAPPY AND NOT, AND I MEAN NOT COST YOU AN ARM AND LEG FOR YOUR DREAMBABY..... PLEASE CHECK OUT THE ALBUM NAMED: DOUBLE TAKE BABIES! IF YOU SEND ME A PICTURE OF A BABY, I CAN DUPLICATE IT ANYWHERE FROM 85% TO 100% LIKENESS. GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK! MINUS SHIPPING ONLY!! YOU WILL BE AMAZED, PLEASE, CHECK THE ALBUM OUT AND SEE WHAT I MEAN! I GUARANTEE EVERY BABY THAT LEAVES MY NURSERY! YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT! I guarantee, you will be amazed at what I can do with a picture of your very own baby photo! I can create a doll to look just like your baby at any stage newborn- 12 months old! Click on the Double Take Babies album! I also sell some porcelain dolls. Most importantly, I have 100% feedback on all my babies and items. I do sell on E bay, but custom orders are most welcome and preferred! I have had quite a response from this album, and I have had many pleased customer's! :0) Please, If you would like a re-born to resemble your child as an infant, don't delay..... the sooner I can get started, the sooner you can have you baby re-created! Re-borns make wonderful gifts for Christmas,Birthdays,Baby Showers and a gift for Mom after baby is born, just send me the First Photo or even at a later stage of baby's little life!, Anniversary's or just because!! Please email me at: littletisme3@gmail.com for info and prices! PLEASE!! YOU MUST EMAIL ME IN ORDER FOR ME TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE ABOUT A RE-BORN HEIRLOOM DOLL OF YOUR VERY OWN ~ ONE OF A KIND TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS!! REMEMBER: You must email me at: littletisme3@gmail.com so I can get back to you. My name is Tina I have 10 years of reborning under my belt! Never have I had a complaint, so if you are not satisfied, well, you will be the first one! AND THAT IS NOT A LIE! This is a passion of mine, and a God Given talent that I love to share. Please take a look and PLEASE, PLEASE..**SIGN my guestbook*** on your way out! Thank you so very much and I will do whatever it takes to make you happy! MAY God Bless YOU AND KEEP YOU, Tina  
21 photos - This album will show you some re-borns with rooted hair and eyelashes I have done.
baby Lyndee
48 photos - Little Lyndee has been adopted! 2002
47 photos - Various pics of many different looks!
Just my logos and stuff! - 14 Photos
My Backgrounds and logos album only
My Family !! - 92 Photos