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Ansted Online Photos

Hope you enjoy the pictures here. The site has been renewed until June 2016, but I do not monitor it on a regular basis, so I am not usually able to answer individual questions. You may submit corrections via the guestbook. Kitty Steele B. genealogist49 at hotmail.com 
74 photos - Skaggs and Extended Family
Skaggs #2
12 photos - Additional Skaggs Family Photos
51 photos - Steele and Extended Family of Fayette County, WV
Various people of Ansted and surrounding area
31 photos -
Wood and McVey
40 photos - Extended Family
McVey-Skaggs Cemetery
49 photos - Tombstone Photos
23 photos - Fayette County Schools and Rosters
Here and There
34 photos - Happenings & places
Fayette County Cemeteries
31 photos - A few photos
Not Far Away
10 photos - Sites around Ansted