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Hand & Soul Studios

BLOG: http://lostcoastpost.blogspot.com  

Art on Canvas
Mixed Media

54 Photos

Scientific Illustration
Realistic renderings of flora & fauna (as well as an object or two), from photos & from life

11 Photos

Printmaking Work

10 Photos

My World Within
Color, Collage & Characters Visual Journal

33 Photos

Explorations & Observations
Scans from the variety of visual journals I am working in at any one time

30 Photos

The Alchemist's Journal
Altered Atlas Art Journal

12 Photos

Book Arts
Scans of Artists' & Altered Books

20 Photos

Altered Books
"Garden Arcanum"

31 Photos

Works in Polymer Clay

8 Photos

Class Samples
Pictures of Projects I'm Teaching

16 Photos

ATCs I have made for swaps

8 Photos

My project for 2007

6 Photos

This & That
A sampling of other mediums I tackle from time to time

5 Photos