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NEW E-MAIL - siberiancatsnewyork@gmail.com NEW PHONE - 845-647-4742

05-16-2014 - MOTHER'S DAY WEEK LONG SPECIAL ! 2 kittens left from the week special and are reduced by 100.00 for the rest of the week. Kittens on "special" in the first album only. Special ends on 05-18-14. First come basis. There is one kitten that is a slight "special needs" (heart murmur) and reduced to 400.00. 4 kittens will be ready for 05-25-14. 2 are red mackerel tabby males. If interested, please DIRECTLY e-mail me at siberiancatsnewyork@gmail.com and please leave your phone number so I may call you back. You can also call me at 845-647-4742. Appointments are available most days and on weekends to come see kittens, choose and take them home! _____________________________________ __________________________________ NOTE TO ALL CUSTOMERS - I am located in Ulster County, in lower New York State. My e-mail account is not working correctly so you may need to copy and paste the above e-mail address, or do a DIRECT e-mail.  
05-16-14 Kittens Ready Now.
18 photos - 3 kittens- 2 on "special", 1 is special needs.
Kittens ready for 05-25-14
14 photos - 3 males, 1 female will be available.
Kittens For June 2014
23 photos - 4 kittens - 2 female, 2 male ready in June.
ebay-GG. Foreman Grill
7 photos -