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NEW E-MAIL - siberiancatsnewyork@gmail.com NEW PHONE - 845-647-4742

07-29-2014 - Some new kittens ready for August. All kittens are on a special and reduced by 100.00 off of my regular price. The Brown Mackerel Tabby Male is reduced by 200.00. First come basis. There is one kitten that is a slight "special needs" (slight grade #1 heart murmur) and reduced to 700.00. All kittens must be picked up by 08-23-14. If interested, please DIRECTLY e-mail me at siberiancatsnewyork@gmail.com and please leave your phone number so I may call you back. You can also call me at 845-647-4742. Due to battling an illness for the last few months and having to reconstruct and downsize everything in my life, it is necessary for me to limit appointment days and times. _____________________________________ __________________________________ NOTE TO CUSTOMERS: I am located in Ulster County, in lower New York State. My e-mail account is not working correctly so you may need to copy and paste the above e-mail address, or do a DIRECT e-mail.  
Kittens Ready for 08-07-14
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07-29-14 New Kittens Ready Now
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