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12-11-2014 - Siberian Kittens and Siberian Cat of New York is located in Ellenville NY. We have one kitten left that is ready for a new homes now - first album. We will also have a litter of 4 kittens ready to go to new homes around December 28th or 30th. There are also 2 litters that will be ready for new homes mid January. If interested in an "older" Siberian, we have a female breeder retiring in about 2 months. Sadie was just 5 years old and is having her last litter. She will be spayed, all vaccinations up to date and will be 500.00. She is energetic, and VERY friendly. ____________________________________________________________________________ 12-11-2014 - We have a slight special needs kitten. She is small, and will probably be a smaller adult cat. Born 08-10-14 - Yogi's sister. No medications, or behavioral problems, has an eating/food situation. She is reduced to 700.00. She can go to a new home now. _____________________________________________________________________________ 12-11-2014 - "Yogi" update. For those of you following Yogi, he saw a special vet this week that comes down to New York once a month from New Hampshire. All of his x-rays and tests were sent to a few at Cornell for evaluation. New x-rays were taken this week and now it is hopeful that bone in his nose area will not have to be removed. Enlarged ear bones also much better. He will of course still need reconstructive surgery to make a nostril and clear nasal/airway passage. Jaw is also straightening and much better. Not yet sure on the surgery for the "cheek pads" growing in the sides of his nose. Surgery is hopefully scheduled to begin for him about February at this point. After a recovery period, we are hoping that he will be able to be available for adoption in March. Yogi will be at a reduced rate due to his nose - we don't expect it to ever look like a normal nose. However, he is the absolutely SWEETEST cat there is, and would make a FANTASTIC therapy cat for anyone looking for one. ____________________________________________________________________________ We are available during the week and on weekends for appointments for people to come here, choose, take home kittens, or if you want, view the new ones and leave a deposit on one that you like. If interested, please DIRECTLY e-mail me at siberiancatsnewyork@gmail.com. Please leave your phone number so I may call you back. You can call me at 845-647-4742, or call/send text to my cell phone 845-671-0456.  
12-06-14 5 Kittens Ready for December
2 photos -
12-11-2014 - Female - slight special needs.
10 photos - Small female silver available. Reduced rate.
12-06-14 4 Kittens will be ready 12-28-14
16 photos - 4 kittens will be ready to go to new homes 12-28-14.
12-07-14 - Retiring Female Breeder
6 photos - Sadie, is 5 yrs, 2 months old, Silver.
12-11-14 "Yogi" New Photos DOB 08-10-14
8 photos - We're watching Yogi's nose. Surgery scheduled for February.
10-21-14 - Yogi & Sister - photos for vets
34 photos - Yogi with deformed nose &his normal nosed sister