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NEW E-MAIL - siberiancatsnewyork@gmail.com NEW PHONE - 845-647-4742

04-12-2015 - Siberian Kittens and Siberian Cat of New York is located in Ellenville NY. Kittens, kittens, kittens! We finally have 5 new spring Siberian kitten litters, with another few more litters on the way. Our first kittens will be ready to go in a week. Most are in the silver colorings, with a few blue macs and brown macs. We also have Silver CLASSIC tabby kittens! Please feel free to TEXT ME at 845-671-0456 to make an appointment to come and see the kittens, and choose one for yourself! If interested in an "older" Siberian, we have a female breeder retiring right now. She will be spayed in the next couple of days, and ready to go to her new home on 04-11-15. Sadie was just 5 years old and just had her last litter. She will be spayed, all vaccinations up to date and will be 500.00. ________________________________________________________________________________ We are available during the week and on weekends for appointments for people to come here, choose, take home kittens, or if you want, view the new ones and leave a deposit on one that you like. We never hold you to a specific kitten either - if you change your mind when you come back, that is perfectly fine with us too. If interested, best way to contact me is to text me at 845-671-0456. Or you can DIRECTLY e-mail me at siberiancatsnewyork@gmail.com. Please leave your phone number so I may call you back. You can call my home line 845-647-4742, or again best way is to call/send text to my cell phone 845-671-0456.  
house for Linda
49 photos -
04-12-2015 New Siberian Kittens!
35 photos - Silver and Blue Silver Siberian Kittens
04-12-2015 More Kittens Coming Up!
18 photos - Kittens will be ready mid-May!
12-07-14 - Retiring Female Breeder
6 photos - Sadie, is 5 yrs, 2 months old, Silver.